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    Obviously, anything Gerry related. Also love to cook when I can, love to read Highlander/Scotland based novels(so yummy)

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  1. I'd like to volunteer for the lead female role. What? A gal can dream, right? I do hope that this movie does actually happen. Nudity aside, I'm sure it'll be a great film.
  2. Thirstbuster Gerrita? Is that like a Big Gulp? Cause I could SO go for one of those.
  3. Runs into thread, dives on mattress and hooks arm around closest GAL. Pass me an extra large Gerrita please. Niiiiice nibbles there, Hobbes. *slurp* Is it June yet?
  4. You must have really been paying attention because I totally didn't notice that. I usually don't but for some reason that jumped out at me.
  5. No one noticed the coffee cup sleeve? Jay Leno anyone? Hmmm, didn't know he had his own coffee line. Interesting.
  6. Found it on the Los Angeles Times Entertainment page. He's number 6 in the list. Celebrities by the Times in 2009 Thanks for posting the picture for easy access, Landa. LOL
  7. That is amazing! I am SO proud of everyone and am proud to be part of such a wonderful group of GALS. Great work and thanks again to those who worked so hard to organize the event!!!
  8. Can't wait to see everyone!! Ready to party it up? I know I am.
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