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  1. Hi all. I'll have to pass on coming to Chicago for this movie get together. Since the 21st is my birthday, I won't be making a trip north. I have plans to camp out at the local cinema and watch each showing back to back. Happy happy birthday to me! Off topic -- Are we doing a card exchange this year? It was fun to do last year. G
  2. Hi, I'm a day late, but I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! G
  3. Hi all. SNL had a spoof on 300 tonight. I didn't catch it at first, but there was a red caped character and that ugly giant , too. Was that a rerun? (Some football player was the host. Does he really think he can act??) Shhh, you didn't read that here. Anyway, did anyone else see it? G
  4. Oh yeah!! Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband will have to go with me now! hee hee I'm going to go circle the calendar right now! Something I never have to do (obviously.) hehe G
  5. Hi, Steven (aka The Hubster) and I are hoping to arrive at the Red Roof around 2 pm. That way we can get checked in and all that good stuff. Ray - I'll have the car instead of the pick up, so there's room for at least 2 more passengers. Kelly - it's okay to pm me with your cell number. I'll give you a call when we arrive. See you all soon. G
  6. Hi all! I can't wait for Friday!!! The showplace here in town said that I can buy my tickets for Friday starting tomorrow. Can you guess where I'll be at 4 pm?? Yeppers, draining the bank account, heehee. Hubster says we have to see 300 at least 2 times on Friday. Then driving up for the "Saturday Madness" as the Hubster calls it. We're going to stay at the Red Roof Inn that was suggested. Any one else going to stay there?? See you soon!!!! G
  7. Hi all I don't post much. I love to lurk. Just wanted to say how much I'm looking forward to seeing 300 in Chicago!! I've already warned my husband that I'm bring King Leonidas with me and he's going to sit on the table during dinner and watch the film from the comfort of my handbag. Right now he's enjoying the comfort of my side of the headboard to my bed. LOL Now, let me tell you.... the Hubster is ready to lock me up and throw away the key. hehe I've also been keeping myself busy watching the "Making of 300" DVD. I'll have that baby memorized by March 9th!! Later! G
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