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  1. love your Gerry pic. Dee

  2. is enjoying the Southern California rain. (No, that's not a typo -- it's really raining here!)

  3. Welcome to GALS and thank you for friending me! :)

  4. Good morning GALS! I'm lovin' this Blackjack floor...Gerry...black...verra :sexy: ! So many great pics, I really like becozy's "Gerry Looking Sexy in B & W", swansong,'s "Gentleman Gerry", and Bethy's "Billy's Formal Wear". That man is yummy :tasty: Here's a little something more for the "Blackjack" floor... Devious-Looking Blackjack Gerry I wonder what he's thinking in that picture? Gerry in Black (& White) This is one of my favorite Gerry pics...that little peek of skin between his shirt and pants....mmmm... Sweater Blackjack Sweaters never looked so good! Have a great Su
  5. Gerry...in black? OMG...That's hot :*: Can't wait for the 21st floor...what about Gerry in black and white photos? 'Cause I got the perfect one...
  6. Cleobethra, my Rachel Weisz trading card is amazing! You are very talented...we're all so glad to have you doing these for us! Thank you so much
  7. "I need a new place to live...an inspiring place, with a beautiful girl to serve as my muse...who will also be easily persuaded to...help me clean out my organ regularly." The private investigator's jaw dropped as she stared at him, shocked. "To do WHAT? Your organ, sir? What kind of man are you?" Trying in vain to keep his irritation below the surface, he snapped at her, "It's a pipe organ, woman, a pipe organ! It's what I make my Music of the Night on. If I don't keep it clean and in tune, it just sounds terrible. Pull your mind out of the gutter, you silly woman. Are you on the case o
  8. Usually, when someone makes fun of something, it's because they don't get it. Remember, no matter how much others may not get how you feel about Gerry, there are at least 8,000 tarts/tartans/GALS/fans who do. There's nothing wrong with being yourself, and pursuing the things in life that give you pleasure and happiness. So, share the things you do have in common with your friends/sister, and leave the good stuff for us GALS! Because we know a good thing when we see it...like this... and definitely this... and this too! How could someone not get that? Maybe it's everyone else who's weir
  9. Undaunted by his annoyance, she rolled her eyes right back at him. "Didn't you read my ad?" she asked him. Ignoring the glare Erik shot her way, she continued on. "In short, I'm a private investigator who's worth every penny. Mystery, deception, intrigue...to be perfectly honest, it fascinates me. It's not just about the money, this job, it's about solving the puzzle, finding the truth. I won't stop until I do. When a client hires me to investigate something, I'm every bit as anxious to solve the case as they are." Looking pointedly at his face, she countered, "And what sort of cli
  10. It was true that after the infamous hacking of Paris's T-Mobile International account, she was a much harder woman to find than he had anticipated. Getting Paris Latsis out of the way wouldn't be too hard; he still had plenty of rope left from his days at the Paris Opera House. So, he decided to enlist some help, and went in search of a private investigator to help him find his new roommate. Erik pulled out his dusty, rather outdated copy of the Yellow Pages, and spotted a large, impressive looking ad. It read: "Still haven't found what you're looking for? Allow me, Desiree' S. Nogg, to g
  11. Being the intelligent, cautious sort of person that he was, Erik carefully weighed the pros and cons of each option; the mongoose could help with any vermin problems that his new home may have, but what if it tried to bite him with its pointy little teeth? ---------------------------------- ...who's next?
  12. You're very welcome If you want to check one out, or join in on one, it looks like one just started up yesterday...it's in this section, under the title "What happened to Erik?" Can't wait to see how it turns out...Yay for Round Robins!
  13. After drying his tears of frustration and woe, Erik felt more focused than ever; he knew exactly what he had to do. -------------------------------------- *passes the storytelling torch to another GAL*
  14. In terms of writing, I believe it refers to a piece of work written in the following fashion: A group of people will each take turns writing part of a story; the first person will start out and begin a sentence, paragraph, chapter, etc., however much they desire/are required to, and then leave it off at a convenient point for the next person to pick it up and add their own part to it. Stories like this can be quite entertaining, as with so many different authors and viewpoints/writing styles/ideas, things can go any which way imaginable, and even some that aren't. I'd love to see how one
  15. Virgolady


    Well, I was in LA on August 2nd, but sadly, I saw no Gerry. Mind you, it's a big city, and I wasn't expecting to see him at a Harry & the Potters show, although I bet he would've had a great time!
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