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  1. Gerry, You can stay in your car. You don't have to take pictures. You don't have to sign autographs. You don't have to make nice when you want to spit. You don't have to give of your time unless you want to. All of your fans that truly respect and care for you will understand.
  2. I know Gerry wants to be the nice guy that stops and chats but those days have passed. He's too much of a people pleaser for his own good, imo. I'm going to post a message to Gerry telling him that it's cool with me if he doesn't stop and say hi to his fans. If you feel the same please reply. If you don't...oh well.
  3. Congratulations to all the ladies who won.
  4. I love Queen Latifah. I was hoping she would flirt with Gerry. Lord, it took him long enough to realize she was flirting wih him.
  5. They're all good but, I have to go with the stranger. Gerry in surrogate daddy mode makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
  6. I love this picture from that set, so easy and carefree. http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/gallery/di...t=0&pos=141 Plus, that smile is a killer. ;-)
  7. With "300" getting so much positive buzz I hope it gets featured in EW or Premiere magazine. If they happen to have a slightly dressed King Leo on the front cover I could live with that. ::
  8. I don't think this clip will be listed with his Nivea and Comet commericals on his v.o. resume. Btw, how can anyone think that's not Gerry? He has a very distinct voice, c'mon.
  9. OMG!!! This news makes me soooo freakin' happy it borders on pathetic. I loved this book. :yippee: I cried buckets reading "P.S., I Love You", but the story makes you feel good, definitely bittersweet. Checked imdb and Ceceila's newest book is being turned into a movie starring Hugh Jackman. Lucky girl lol.
  10. Can I get shallow for a moment - OMFB! The man is too hot to handle. I really must be a masochist to look at these pics.
  11. Thanks Nicky for posting this. It's awesome that everyone loved the trailer. I'm so happy for Gerry.
  12. That was really sweet, a nice way for Gerry to give something back to his community.
  13. Thank you to all the gals that put together this transcript.
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