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    Erik's Lair, Opera Populaire -- I love ALL of Gerry's roles, but his "Phantom" is IT for me! Top Avatar By SailorPhantom
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    Not obvious enough? *giggles*<br /><br />Gerry!

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  1. Here's to you on your birthday! May it be a memorable one! Cheers, -Gwen
  2. Awesome! I'll be adding it to both my "MySpace" pages and at La Maison de Roses. *hugs* You know you can link back to me as well, no problem at all. Go ahead and use the linked images on my Phantom Erik page. If you have any problems, let me know. I definitely have to get my own website someday. I'll keep you posted, once that happens. -Gwen Off to go post your info now...
  3. Swannie, this is so great! Kudos to Nathan for a phantastic job! Will we be able to link to your page? You know how I love to pimp the creative GALS. If I am able to mention this on my webbies, let me know please. -Gwen Time for me to go register now.
  4. You're very welcome you two! I'm happy to spread the word. Thanks to GALS for posting this in the updates too! Fantastic! -Gwen
  5. I subscribe to Cox Cable: Phoenix - AZ, and tonight I saw this in the video entertainment section: '300' Brings Ancient Battle to Big Screen An ancient, epic clash between the Spartans and the Persians hits the big screen in the movie '300', based on Frank Miller's graphic novel about the Battle of Thermopylae. (Feb. 15) Zack Snyder, Gerard Butler, and Rodrigo Santoro talk about Frank Miller's 300 and bringing this ancient battle to life on the big screen. It's hosted by the AP Video Entertainment News. (The 300 video can also be found here under the "ShowBiz" section.) I hope this was alright to post on GALS and share with everyone. I'm really excited to see this film in March! -Gwen
  6. Ok, just thought I'd give a heads up to any of the GALS that are doing collections of 300 Ad Pics. My boyfriend subscribes to "Stuff Magazine" and as he was doing his reading for the March issue, low and behold, there was a 300 Ad (identical image to the one in the AP that Stef has posted). <---click to view the image in our GALS gallery Happy Shopping! Hugs, -Gwen
  7. Ok, so I've got my question based on 300 and any future projects regarding possible Comic to Film adaptations. My question is: You are starring in two movies based upon comics, '300' and 'Priest.' Are there any other comic book roles you would like to play in the future? And if so, why? Dayna, congrats on the interview! There's no doubt you'll do us GALS proud. -Gwen
  8. OMG how cool is this?! Rock on, Dr. Em! Hmm, I have to think of something good that might be able to be posed as a question...I'll be back after my mind is out of the Gutler. BTW, can it be anything regarding his career and as an actor in general or just strictly 300 questions?
  9. ***SWOON*** That man is certainly one of a kind in my book. He's so amazing. :inlove: I've fallen in love all over again. Thank you, Gerry! -Gwen
  10. Thank you, Dr. Em and the GALS Admin/Mod Team, for giving us all a place to frolic about. May everyone's New Year be a blessed one! -Gwen
  11. Hi Stef, That's too bad about all the GALS goodies having to go, but such is the price for a growing star. It's very understandable that there will always be changes necessary to better the site. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's saying "Do what ya gotta do - We still love you and GALS!" Hugs, -Gwen P.S. I sent you a PM regarding my manips. I do have them hosted on a personal page, so if I need to go ahead and zonk all my images here on GALS, then lemme know. I'll just leave the link to my website in the edit instead, to help save on space. EDIT: Nevermind that "P.S." :laugh4: Love ya!
  12. Happy Birthday, Gerry! Stay out of trouble, :worship: you sexy scot! Actually, if you're gonna get into trouble, we Gals are here for you. :tasty: -Gwen
  13. Thanks for the images! I hadn't seem some of those either. Awesome find Stef!
  14. Love all the pics and the vid images from the Con! Thanks for getting these up for us. I thought it was neat to see him wearing the bracelet from LV. He's so amazing. And OMG the "natural" look is back and it's killing me! I love him best when he's scruffy and his natural hair color comes out. He looks so fantastic and relaxed. Good for him! Hugs, -Gwen
  15. Omigosh that was so fantastic! Gerry is amazing. :wub: I'm in love...all...over...again... Bethy, I love the final quote: "Lord Jesus I need a drink..." Amen! Hugs, -Gwen
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