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  1. As always, this is a night I look forward to all year! Cannot wait to see everyone and raise money for such a good cause and a charity that is so close to my heart for saving my loved ones. Cheers, Sarah
  2. Thank you, Susan for another Phantastic Phantom Pheast! You work so hard to put this on, and I appreciate all that you do. It is an event that I look forward to each year. Once again, I am on the prowl for raffle items.... It is always great to have fun and also raise money for great causes. Looking forward to next year! See you soon my SiStar. Hugs, Sarah
  3. Better late than never....Gerry, I hope that you had a birthday that was as special as you are to all of us. May the year ahead be filled with all your heart's desires. Thanks to you, you have brought many people into my life who mean the world to me. I cannot thank you enough. With much love and respect, Sarah Houck
  4. As always, looking forward to the Pheast and supporting a great cause!
  5. That IS too funny! Suzie, I thought they needed ironing as well and I would gladly have offered my services to iron them for him! Sarah
  6. Thanks for posting the information and for doing more research on it!!! I had no clue where to post it! Sarah P.S. Gosh, I feel bad Gerry couldn't keep is sword...you would think they would have let him.
  7. Gerry, it takes not only an intelligent person, but a strong one as well to admit when help is needed. To me, it has always been evident that you have both of these qualities. I am proud of you and have the utmost respect for you. You can never know how grateful I am for the respect and kindness you always give to your fans. You will always have my support and loyalty. I wish you nothing but the best in all your endeavors and any battles that you may face. Best wishes always, keep on flashing that brilliant smile and be well. Love, Sarah
  8. So glad that I saw the reminder on Facebook. I don't get to be on here as much as I would like, but would hate to not have this site! That said, I just sent ya some mooooola! Hugs, Sarah
  9. I already have a few items and will be working on some more!!! I will be giving them to Susan closer to the date. Sarah
  10. This is great news Susan! Those are awesome amounts, since we had far fewer attendees this time. Once again, thank you to everyone who contributed, and thanks to you, Susan, for all your hard work! Hugs, Sarah
  11. Happy Birthday, Gerry! I wish you a day of laughter and joy and a blessed year ahead. May you know how many lives you have touched by your art and your generosity toward others. Cheers to you! With love and respect, Sarah
  12. A great BIGthank you to Susan for another Phantastic Phantom Pheast! As always, Kate Mantilini put on a wonderful dinner and the raffle prizes were superb! Thank you to all who helped in this event....Cheri for wrapping all the raffle items, Veronica who made the party favor bags, The Divine Miss S for all your wonderful donations, and to everyone else who donated items to raffle off and for purchasing tickets. I hope it was a successful evening for the charities. I indeed look forward to next year! Hugs, Sarah
  13. TONIGHT!!! Let's raise some money for these great charities! See you there!!!
  14. Just popping by to say that I am very excited for the Pheast! Also, I am pleased to see the same charities again this year. City of Hope is near and dear to my heart as they saved my uncle. Miracles do happen! Looking forward to seeing everyone very soon! Sarah
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