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  1. Hahaha I definitely drink a lot of wine at thanksgiving!
  2. Fall weather watching a movie in theaters vs comfort of own home
  3. ABCs of Chasing Mavericks A) Action Surfing scenes B) Bullies C) California D) Deadly waves E) Eli F) Frosty Hesson G) Greg Long H) Heartbreaking losses I) Intense Action J) Jay Moriarity K) Kristy Moriarity L) Leven Rambin M)
  4. Sadly, no. TGBM has many pics of Gerry saved on her computer.
  5. Awesome! My height 5'2" - 5'3" has the most votes!
  6. Here's more vanilla goodness! O and I was watching this gameshow called Lingo where its all five letter words and they have to figure out the word etc etc and one started with K and I yelled KINKY!!! and it was kinky and it took them 4 guesses and when they said it was kinky I sorta hit my nose .. it hurt really bad.. lol I thought I would share my interesting experice
  7. I have a question: I don't understand the part when Lizzie goes in the bar and then leaves and cries. I do not understand that at all. Can someone explain it to me??? :|
  8. Mine is Rachel McAdams!!!! Thank you so much Bethy!!!!!!! :good: YAY!!! Thanks so so much I love it!
  9. What's all of this trading card/card stuff or whatever... I have no idea. :|
  10. - THAT'S AWESOME MADAME!!! - I went to controls to change it to English. - But the Add reply fast reply mew topic and poll is still uh International - The rank pics aren't showing either... I see smilies though....
  11. It's good to say that so everyone understands! Lets be one, big, HAPPY, Gerry-lovin' family!! *group hug*
  12. This might sound like a stupid questionn, but why is is not letting you... or how?
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