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  1. Hiya Gerry! Hope you're enjoying the shoot (and moderately mild weather) out there in Vancouver. It is an absolutely fantastic city! Thought I would post a quick note re: the upcoming Queen concert in Vancouver (April 13th).....'cause you might want to have someone put aside some tickets for you early. :: If you didn't get a chance to see them in Europe last year, then you absolutely must head out to the gig next month. It will be the final night of the North American tour, and if the concert in Toronto last night was any indication, one heck of a show! It was one of those memorable evening
  2. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but....... it would seem that the "wide release" of Beowulf in Canada this week is not going to be quite so wide...... Beowulf is slated to be released in the following cities only: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Halifax. Granted, with only 30 million people up here these are the major cities across the country, but I had expected/hoped for a significantly heavier distribution through southern Ontario.......such a shame - fantastic movie - but few people are gonna see it. There are some fairly high
  3. Dawn - glad you had a good time. It was great seeing you again! :: For those of you who are curious, the reception beforehand was in a fairly small hall which had at some point been converted from a small church. The reception room itself was teeny and quite crowded with people. It was open bar....though Dawn and I both opted for some strange Icelandic lemonade with whole cranberries floating in it. There was a centre table with snacks - cookies, brownies and packages of "Clodhoppers" that everyone was tucking away to take to the screening later that evening. They were also serving what appe
  4. Here is one of the press releases if there is anyone out there still deciding whether or not to attend......
  5. It will be interesting to see how Gerry handles the ''post 300 dilema'' - serious muscle mass and aerobic activity that suddenly stops. I have a friend that is 6'4 who was in serious training for a hiking/climbing trip in Nepal....he had to eat about 7,000 to 8,000 calories every day just to maintain his body mass. He bulked up to around 245lbs....He did lose a fair bit of muscle during the trip, due to low caloric intake but his body went through some really weird weight shifts as he went back down to his regular 210 even though he maintained an regular exercise routine...though not nearly as
  6. Hmmmmm....I would agree with your definitions here but I would have to add that "naked" also has a sexualized connatation that doesn't necessarily relate to being chastised or victimized. For me, the term "nude" has a very non-sexual meaning. The unclothed body in a classical work of art I would consider to be "nude". The same body posed in sexually suggestive or explicit poses might be considered "naked". Nude, or naked.......both are good!! (without the shame or vicitimization bit of course) Perhaps now we could discuss the varying degrees of nudity/nakedness. For example, what is the
  7. Sorry to be the bearer of a brief reality check here GALS, but everyone knows that Canadian women are the hottsie tottsies of the universe. Oh....and Canuck women don't streak through the board, they get naked and saunter on through.....very slowly and takin' their time!
  8. I have to agree that Gerry is incredibly physically attractive regardless of how he has decided to prepare for a role. He looks fantastic as King Leo - and how I would expect a "comic strip hero" to be drawn/portrayed on the screen,......but in terms of a guy I want to wake up next to every morning, Gerry looks better a bit less bulky. Besides, high maintenence men are a giant pain in the backside...usually with egos to match. Luckily, Gerry still appears to have his head screwed on properly :: In the King Leo shots he's got to be up around 220 - 230 pounds (?!?!?) and wearing an xl to xxl
  9. Laptop........lapdance.......is there a difference?!?!?
  10. Hiya GALS! F.y.i.....there will be a screening of Beowulf and Grendel to benefit World Literacy in Toronto on March 1st. Tickets are $75.00.
  11. Gerry, Just a quick note of congratulations on this recent announcement. We've only just read the synopsis and everyone is looking forward to the film release! Best of luck filming over the next few months.....and enjoy your extended stay here in Canada. Don't worry, the spring thaw starts sometime around May 20th, so only another 4 months of winter left. :: As always, Big smooch, Simone P.S. Hopefully you'll still wrap in time to drop by Ischia this summer - I understand its going to be interesting this year.
  12. Ooops sorry.......I posted something, then thought the better of it and decided to remove it. Maybe I need to do more lurking and less posting. As for the "Butterfly on a Wheel" news - wooo hooo!!!
  13. That's all cool. Respect for Gerry is why so many of us have migrated to GALS from elsewhere. I'm happy to follow Dr. Em's judgement. It's all about the love...for Gerry.....for Dr. Em.....for the MODS (especially you Sarah, 'cause jeepers you make me laugh sometimes :: ) and for all my fellow GALS. I feel a big group hug coming on!!
  14. Hiya Stalow! No worries.....the thing I love about GALS is that everyone is pretty laid back here and open to everyone having their say as long as it is said in a respectful manner. I don't think you stepped over the line in that regard. Everyone has their own feelings about this. Frankly, I don't really see the big deal about naming the rumoured movie either ......but then I don't know what logistics are involved here. Could rumours impact salary negotiations or increase/decrease leverage for Gerry if he is considering signing to yet a third unnamed film?? Hollywood negotiations can be a
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