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  1. I'm convinced now that they are from LA, not NYC...sorry for jumping to conclusions without thoroughly examining the pictures. Like I said, my main focus was on what he had on, his hair style, etc...being so identical to the loft pic of him sitting in the chair on the front of AD. These are from LA, I realize that now. Again, sorry...my bad...
  2. These pictures are from his NY loft, NOT his LA (Los Feliz) home. In a couple of the pictures, you can see the Hudson River behind him (he's standing on his rooftop garden it looks like. But these are additional pictures from the Architectural Digest shoot and are from his Chelsea Loft in Manhattan, NYC, NOT LA. But they are beautiful pictures, and love the one of him holding the Robert Burns book, undoubtedly, one of his own books on Burns. FOOTNOTE: In looking closer at the pictures, they MAY be from the LA/Los Feliz house. I was going mostly by him with the same shirt, jeans, hair and
  3. The poster is STUNNING...one of the most beautiful movie posters I have ever seen...Someone wrote that the poster alone could win an Oscar...not much of an exaggeration there....it is just BEAUTIFUL...I hope the movie makes it to our area...I don't like this "limited release" thing at all, and may end up having to drive a distance to see it. RockNRolla finally came here, though, so hopefully MGP will as well. Peace.... Tense
  4. CONGRATULATIONS to Kris Kelly...who had the winning bid for Gerry's shirt in the Celtic Charity Fund Auction...that was one well deserved win...I could not be happier for her... Cheers.... Tense
  5. For anyone interested in the Dolphin Movie narrated by Gerry, I contacted the producer and director for information as to how to get the DVD when it is released. It won't be released until 2012, but he sent me this email, which tell how to pledge with different amounts for different items including the DVD (I did a $40.00 pledge today), through Amazon.com. Also, whatever you pledge, your credit card will not be charged until August 23, when the pledges are all to be submitted by, and only then will credit cards be released, not when you make your pledge prior to August 23. Here is the email I
  6. I surely hope that filming will be from March-May, as my son and I are planning a road trip to Shreveport in mid-April. If the dates do change, we can change our plans accordingly, but we need to know for sure when the dates of filming are going to be.
  7. Brian has the twin girls, Rachel and Katy, and Lynn and Jim have Sarah and Niehm (not sure on that spelling, may be Niemh), but it's the Gaelic spelling of what we would pronounce "Neve." I think she is the youngest of the two of Lynn's girls. None of them were Cinderella in the play. Gerry surely does dote on all of them, though, and they love their Uncle Gerry...as evidenced in all the pictures of him with them. (Rachel and Katy at "Nim's" premiere, Sarah and Neihm at "HTTYD" premiere.... Peace and Love this Holiday Season to ALL.... Tense
  8. Found a very interesting article about the possibility of Gerry being a "contender" to be another Clint Eastwood...what we have been talking about lately.... http://www.seattlepi.com/movies/429231_film42134411.html Just scroll down...it's very interesting.... Peace, out.... Tense
  9. I can understand Gerry spending more time in NYC than he does in LA (having lived in LA for three years while going to UCLA back in the late 70's)...and I know it has grown/improved since then...but still, there is so much more to do in NYC, the theater, socialilte parties, benefits out the wazoo, the restaurants are so upscale and fabulous there, just sitting at an outdoor cafe, watching the people is entertainment in itself, the museums, art galleries, Greenwich Village, The Bowery, Times Square, Broadway, there if far more to do and far more "color" in NYC than in LA...LA is just 99% movie
  10. I TOTALLY agree, having Gerry do the voice-over narration would be absolutely wonderful.... Peace, out.... Tense
  11. There are many "urban legends" out there about Butch and Sundance and what actually happened in Bolivia. Some "historical" accounts are that both were killed in Bolivia, there are other "historical" accounts that say that after they sent Etta Place back to the US for her protection, that Harry Longbaugh (Sundance) was killed, but that Robert Leroy Parker (Butch) survived, and returned to the Hole in the Wall to live out the rest of his life with Etta Place (where she had resumed her life as a schoolteacher. Neither of these theories have been able to be concretely proven, even though they h
  12. Pinkerton's agency were in pursuit of Butch and Sundance - they were responsible for taking in most of the Hole in the Wall Gang. When Butch kept asking Sundance "Who are those guys?" it was the Pinkertons who were tracking them. Joe Lefors, who was one of the best and known trackers during that time (I think he was part Indian, but not totally sure on that), was the one leading the trackers, and I think either Butch or Sundance mentioned him in the movie. Joe Lefors was hired by Pinkerton to help track Butch and Sundance, but it's sketchy whether or not he actually became employed otherwise b
  13. The only other thing that I can add to this is that as a producer, that would give him BETTER access to what is out there, and greater choices as to what he wants to take on to star in next. More will be visible to him and accessible to him during the times he's producing. He won't be "hidden away," but rather smack dab in the middle of all of it, and better able to pick and choose projects than if he were just acting in one particular movie, waiting for the next one to come along. As a producer, he'll know more of what is out there quicker than waiting for his agent or manager to tell him wha
  14. I agree totally with what Patsyb has said...and from where I sit, it seems that there is a panic going on that is quite premature and unnecessary, at least at this point in time. Gerry has taken on another production role. But we have no idea what else is in that great pipeline of projects that always seems to be there, even when we are not aware of what or when. Lest we not forget RockNRolla, when he was half way shooting the movie before we even knew it existed. Gerry is full of surprises, even when it comes to his work. Just because there is not anything publically announced just yet, beyon
  15. I see this as a very POSITIVE move on Gerry's part...he's expanding those wonderfully talented wings in the right direction, and I don't think that he will ever give up acting, just maybe not as much as he has in the past...Alan made the comment during LAC that Gerry/ET would be getting into more producing and Gerry not acting as often in the future, so we have been prepared for this to come about. He may do less acting now, but he will still be very much involved in the business, and we will still be there for him, those of us who are real, bonafide fans of his. To not support his production
  16. Are we totally sure that these pictures are from Monday...his blue and white checked, sleeveless shirt is the same one he had on in the very first set pictures we got of him (sitting at the picnic table, etc.), and the dark, striped shirt is the shirt he had on when he was standing inside the police station, with the plastic bag in his hand. His hair is also as it was then, not as it has been of late. It's conceivable that they may have done some reshoots from those scenes, but from what the gals that were involved with the filming on Monday, that was not the location they filmed from, so it's
  17. Please enter my name for the King Leonidas Action Figure. Thank you..... Phantom's Lady Rose (Tense)
  18. Pictures also on Just Jared... http://justjared.buzznet.com/2009/09/04/ge...ler-fiji-water/ He looks wonderful...as always.... PLR.....
  19. I don't think the fires are that near to Santa Monica where Gerry's home is, I think it is way further northeast of there, at least that is how it looks on the map they showed on GMA this morning. I don't think his home is in any danger. PLR....
  20. His NYC loft was finished as you see it here in this little slide show quite a while back, at least a year to year-and-a half. There was a report recently about him meeting with Alexander Gorlin, a very exclusive architect and designer in NYC, possibly to do further renovations on the loft, so it may not look like this now. There have been no further reports, that I have seen, but he did meet with Gorlin within the last 3-4 months, so it's possible that more has been done, even something different. Gorlin's work is Architectural Digest quality, and his work has been featured in AD many, many t
  21. It is from the Esquire photo shoot, but was not included in the magazine...that happens a lot, photos are taken and not used in the magazine, i.e., the Men's Health magazine, when several pictures leaked out from the shoot that were not published. This picture first appeared on another site before GALS got it, and it's part of the Sam Jones photoshoot that was done for the latest Esquire with Gerry on the cover. The picture has been in circulation for several days before GALS acquired it. PLR....
  22. Gerry isn't losing his accent...he admits to "modifying" it at times in interviews so that Americans can understand him better. And of course, he lapses into American if he needs it for a movie role, but if you listen you can still hear the Scottish burr come out from time to time, he can't TOTALLY do American without a bit of Scottish undertones there. I would be willing to bet that when he's across the pond, that his Scottish burr is as thick and prominent as ever. But he has admitted to modifying it a bit, easing up on it a bit, so he can better be understood here. But insofar as him los
  23. This is part of the Sam Jones photoshoot that was done for Esquire recently. There may be more but this is the latest one released from that particular photoshoot. It's a beautiful picture of Gerry. PLR......
  24. I don't think that the person that made Gerry's bracelet is anywhere around...I believe that a fan may have made it and gave it to him, sometime around POTO days, but there has never been made mention as to who it was, and it could have been someone from overseas even. Finding those same beads would be difficult, as beads, like everything else, change styles, colors, etc., from time to time. Some of your basic beads remain the same through the years, but the more specialized ones continue to change. I have searched high and low for the exact ones on his bracelet, and have yet to find some of t
  25. Yes, I am talking about Gerry's bracelet. Where the heck did the fan or whoever made it find the beads? It is my mission to find similar ones but I find it quite hard to even get those. Just looked AC Moore website and nothing. Will try amazon next. Thanks for the info though. I'm the one that made the bracelet, the picture is below here....I found some of the beads at Michael's, some at AC Moore and some through various bead outlets on line. Michael's and AC Moore's on line sites are not as likely to have as much or even the same beads as you would find in the stores. I deal with so man
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