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  1. Patsy, You are right! We need evidence supporting the story published in The Mirror. We need PHOTOS!! Where are the razzi when we need them? [ Oops, did I say that out loud?]
  2. Yep! We all have to admit it... Madge does know what to do for a man to remove his trousers! Quite an unorthodox approach but it worked!!!
  3. Much to my surprise, I found this article and for some reason, the word 'odd' comes to mind after reading it. Enjoy! [someone please make it clickable]. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/artic...ections_1042151
  4. Gals, I just watched Extra with my hubby and all I can say is WOW!!! There was plenty of Ger being interviewed by Extra (Simon's girlfriend/fiancee) and his remarks were hilarious especially why he thinks Guy and Madonna hooked up. I have the show on TiVo but do not know how to post the interview. However, if there are no other postings, I will be happy to forward the recording to our group of experts managing this type of setup for posting to Multimedia. Even my husband laughed loudly as Ger was doing a 'Madonna move' with his hands!! Gotta love the Scot!
  5. ('cos I'd be there, too, faster than you can say "mozzarella di bufala") :funnyabove: Good one, madamina! I need to remember this one in the future. I also agree it might be a stretch for him to be at the festival especially, when we have seen no 'incriminating' evidence from the soirees. However, nowadays with the amazing speed of jet flights combine with Ambien (remember his story about Alan?) might make his appearance a reality. We'll just hope for photo evidence as we know... they loooove Ger in Ischia especially the ladies. (Okay, I stand corrected...the ladies love him anyw
  6. Gals, For those of you attending Comic-Con, be aware Clive Owen will also be participating as he is promoting his new movie, Shoot them up or Shoot it up (whatever, something about shooting..you get the message! ). Thought I will let you know as there are some Owen fans in this board. Thus plenty of eye candy at the convention. Enjoy!!! Kaysha
  7. Thank you!!! Now, we need photos!! Who's up for the challenge?
  8. Gals, I read somewhere (OK!, Hello magazines. Who knows? I can't keep track of everything I read.) Ger was attending the Ischia festival but have not seen any photos or information. Is it true? Does anybody know? Kaysha
  9. Gals, I must ask, what is the movie in question in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etHn9qZWalE? Can somebody please give me the 'Cliff Notes' version on this movie? If preferred, please send me a PM as to not spoil the end for those fans who have not watched it. Sorry, I don't 'do' sad movies and this seems very depressing. Also, I LOVE this Melanie's video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXJ3-4pXAp0 Hilarious!!! Thanks a million, Kaysha
  10. Kitty, Thank you for sharing!!! I am always looking for great videos using some of my favorite songs. The Garbage video is great!!!
  11. Leslie, Whatta man and 3AM are spectacular! Buttons...how clever since we all know his aversion to use all the buttons on his shirts. Thank you for sharing. I have not seen those before during prior searches.
  12. Thank you Stef for the awesome photos. I can't believe he gets to do a movie in which he looks like his handsome self. After this one...he should be easily recognizable by newbies!!! Kaysha
  13. kaysha

    Access to Over 18

    Kaysha, All you have to do is PM a MOD (moderator) of the board. They will send you the password, and then you will see the Over 18 section pop up on your main forum page, at the bottom. If you go to the main forum page & look at the bottom, there is a list of people online at the moment. Any of those users who's name is in purple, is a MOD. Good luck! Thank you so much, Marissa! You are lifesaver...or curiosity saver!
  14. How do I access the over 18 board? I searched the site and could not find the information or a link. I'm sure there is a lot of information I would like to view. Kaysha
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