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  1. I am so ready for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erik's Ebony Eyes
  2. Lady Elissa, The two films you have mentioned do not have as much of a limited appeal audience as you would think. That is why both played to general audiences across the country. The titles of have two films have either the words "God" and "Heaven" in it. Those two words tend to appeal to people with religious ties/feelings and that is a rather large group. Where as MGP, by title, sounds like a "biker movie" and unless you delve deeper (which most people don't) you would not see the entire focus. People tend to select movies based on title, rating and word of mouth. That is why the movi
  3. MGP was not a "widely appealing" film... not a great draw for "general audiences". It was bound to be shown in mostly arts theaters and maybe on a few "select screens" at other theater venues. I am not sure if any additional advertisement on MPG would have netted any better results & obviously Relativity must have thought the same thing. It's all about the money... Erik's Ebony eyes
  4. Ditto on your statement! I want to see him in some serious dramatic role. So missing POTO style acting from him! Erik's Ebony Eyes
  5. He has excellent taste in opera! Madame Butterfly is one of my favorites! Eriks Ebony Eyes
  6. This is definitely our Gerry. You can tell how much he cares by the way he interacts with the children and the way the children respond to him. Erik's Ebony Eyes
  7. LOL! Just listened to that song last evening... one of my sons' favorites when they were young! Erik's Ebony Eyes
  8. LOL... "Eat a sandwich"! Yes, he seems to be much thinner and looks tired. First things I noticed. Erik's Ebony Eyes
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