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  1. nope. that would suck though. have you ever been held to gun point? (just wondering. my dad told me this story today about how he did...so... yeah...)
  2. lol NO! gross... if i had back hair i'd freak out... that's kind of weird lol... especially for being a girl... have you ever went outside to places not matching on purpose?
  3. lol no question... have you ever forgot to post a question then had to go and edit to add one?
  4. no. i've never ever been back stage and i've only ever met a famous band once because i drove 9 hours to see them. So i got to meet them all and get autographs (as well as everyone else)... are you allergic to cats or dogs?
  5. LOL @ City of Heroes. What server do you play on? My husband and all 3 of my sons play. That is too funny i play on all servers but mainly freedom! you should play!
  6. no. i always wanted a truck but my mom said that it attracts the wrong kind of guy. So i drive an SUV. Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movie theater?
  7. Everywhere i go for about the past 2 weeks now, i'm getting signs and stuff that remind me of Gerry. I look at something that involves numbers and it always seems to be 38! Well who is 38... GERRY! About 2 weeks ago when i started playing this game i haven't played in ages, they made a new zone with guys that look like this: http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a289/aj_...leonidasCOH.jpg and then today my friend sends me picture mail of a picture of Gerry she found in a mag. Then she rips it out and gives it to me. LOL! Are these signs or something?!?!? my gosh... it's driving me nuts! -Lesl
  8. no, not yet. Have you ever worn fake nails?
  9. yes. all chocolate is better than vanilla. have you ever watched a scary movie by yourself then you got up to do something you you see something move in the corner of your eye... so you find something to defend yourself with??? (im asking cause the other day i watched 28 days later on tv and the phone rang so i got up to answer it. as i walked past the front door i see something move then disappear... so i freak out and grab a knife, pick up the phone, come to find out after i hung up and turned around, it was my brother... scared the s**t outta me)
  10. yes... sorta. i can speak German. It sucks, but if i ever travel to Germany, i at least know how to order food and get around places... so i at least wouldn't die... have you had more than 10 jobs? (my econ teacher says that by the time you finish college and get the job you really want that you will have worked about 10 jobs before... i just want to see if his statistics are corrects)
  11. no... starting the college i want to go to this fall! Have you ever role played with yourself... pretending you were someone you're not and gerry is your lover... (hahahaha)
  12. no. I hate being by myself. it makes me feel lonely and just weird... Granted if i were famous (like Gerry) then hell yeah i'd want to be alone. I like having my privacy but i dont like being alone... make sense? have you ever been anywhere outside of America (or your home country) before?
  13. Okay, so i'm graduating May 29th 10am at the Metro Centre in Rockford, Illinois. If any of you would like to come, that would be great. I don't have enough invitations to send every GAL on this site one. But i just thought it would be neat to maybe meet some of my fellow GALS that way. You are not obligated to come, just thought i'd mention it. thanks, -Leslie Reese
  14. I picked Amy Adams because we have a lot in common, and her singing and acting is so much like mine. I can feel her acting. It's very moving and she gets into everything she does. Plus in the movie "Enchanted" her character bursts into song randomly, as well as myself. (note the avvie)... so i dunno, i just like her a ton!
  15. yay! i just got mine today! i love it! i simply adore Amy Adams... she's amazing!
  16. lol. im dying right now. thanks! You saying that made me go look at the pictures... so i'm laughing even more! LOLOL! -Leslie
  17. how beautiful... this poem touched me. i have a couple i wrote for him but this by far beats mine... and honestly, if i were to pass gerry on the streets... i wouldn't know what to do... i would be looking at him and not anything else but then probably end up running into a pole again and then trying to hide my embarrassment by hiding in a restaurant and coming to find out it was a gay bar... or i'll shut up... whenever i meet someone famous, i do stupid things by accident... lol... so yeah... i hope i would be strong enough to just give him his time and look cool all together lol!
  18. wow i forgot all about this picture until it got commented on... and honestly, my mouth is still dropped in astonishment! lol p.s. the other reason why i reposted a comment on this was cause it was my 200th post... i wanted my new little Gerry thing (which is now... ATTILA'S SLAVE GAL) <--- UBER SWEET!
  19. i still find your artwork amazing. What's funny is i got offered a job to be on the show Prison Break about 2 years back... but they wanted to wait until i turned 18... lol.. so now that im 18... well i lost the number. HAHAH! so now i have to call my agency... but anyways... amazing! -Leslie
  20. i dunno if you got my PM, but if not, i could re-tell you the people i chose for my trading card... :) thanks


  21. Tis me... number 1 fave http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a289/aj_...9/NewImage1.jpg number 2 fave http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a289/aj_.../DSC04292-1.jpg -Leslie
  22. i agree tons tracey. i feel bad for him. He seems like he jokes around, but you can kind of tell he really isn't. What did make me chuckle though was how the G man was like, "Oh yes walk me home we can have some coffee." LOL! He's so sarcastic it's great! But yeah, i think paparazzi gets on everybody's nerves. no privacy nothing. But i think the whole FANS thing is different. He lvoes his fans and we eventually leave him alone to get some privacy... the paparazzi just don't know when to quit... i dunno... thanks for posting those though! -Leslie
  23. it will eventually be turned into a movie... Rent came out on broadway in i think 91... and it became a movie with the majority of the original cast members a little more than 10 years later... so we'd have to wait a long time!
  24. those comments made me mad... when i read a couple of them i was like... oh she's from the GALS site... cause i either recognized the name or just how you say some things... but i posted something... it might take some time to be approved... but it will say posted by LESLIE... so yeah... i hope it gets approved lol! -Leslie
  25. if you have time... mine i guess is easy... would you be able to make me a Phantom of the Opera one with just Gerry? i don't want Emmy in it... lol. kind of just surprise me... i guess... or just work off of this photo... (this is my myspace background now...) http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a289/aj_...9/GerryWP01.jpg
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