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  1. Merged Threads ~ Hello Poll - Dec 2005, Gerry behind? ...nooooooo OK... time to vote! Gerry has been behind since this poll opened. Remember, you can vote every 15 mins. (I have a timer set!) Hello Magazine Poll :mopboyethan:
  2. I have been studying the photos and the video over on the WB 300 site. After a lengthy consideration of the historical and artistic choices the director and actors are making, all I can say is hominy, hominy, hominy. Yes, GALS, words fail me and I am reduced to jawflapping lip-smacking flabbergasting fangirl status. Well, it could be worse, I guess... foaming at the mouth hasn't occurred YET! Check out my Rotten Tomatoes 300 blog. Join, or just leave a message but let's show the people who visit there how excited we are about this movie. (I also have a B&G blog there too) Anyone
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