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    I am crazy about Gerry. I love all my gal pals. I love to write and act and teach. I love my family and in particular my hubby and my kid.

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  1. Happy birthday zz


  3. hello all- it sounds like all of you who were at the cony in VA had a wonderful time. I am wicked jealous. I spent the week recovering from an awful case of strep throat. Sooooooo much fun! I hope you have enjoyed the last two beauitful days. The weather has been wonderful here in ohio. hope to talk to you all soon... terra
  4. yes I think I need to see some on my girls in person. I miss you guys!
  5. Pat ROTFLAMO!!! Love you lady. Thank you for the wonderful welcome back. Yes, my life fell apart for a little bit but I think I got it back on track. I have a little more energy now and I want to get back to my wonderful family online. I miss you guys. Can't wait to talk to you more. hugs back at ya lady!
  6. OMG. Hi SIN. I have not talked to you in what feels like forever. How are things? I hope you are doing well. It is kinda hard to believe that the first and the last time we saw each other was in INDY. Was it a year ago? I hope to talk to you some more. See you on the boards. terra
  7. hey all...I have not checked in for a while. I hope to start talking to all of you soon. I will be around more. I hope everyone is great. hugs terra
  8. I feel all freaking special...I won (well me a 17 other chicks...but hey) a poetry contest on GB.net for the Burns contest. here is the link to a website where I am published. http://www.robertburns.plus.com/news2.htm
  9. tell me about... and halloween coming up soon...i am thinking some dracula...little bit o' catholic school girl....hhmmmmmmmmm that is what I am talking about
  10. hey all just saying hello I miss talking about Gerry. I need a bonfire. :spontaneous:
  11. hey GALS- wanted to drive by post over here. I hope all is well with all you lovely ladies. hugs terra
  12. go cubs!!! Anyone sign up for the ghost tour yet for the 2008 us gerry cony? tickets are only 8$
  13. hey ladies- it has been quite around here. Everyone must be on summer vacation. Good for you guys going to Scotland. My prayers will be with you for a safe trip. I know you will be safe and have a great time.
  14. hey ladies... where are all my gals. I hope all is well. I am stuck at work right now and I miss my hubby and kid. This month has been crazy. I have been working a lot of evenings and I am soooooooooo tired. Well...I will check back in later.
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