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  1. hey all ...

    welcome back :claphands: I missed everyone and it sounds like you had a great time. Love the pics.

    BTW...Just looked at the pics of Trix and Paul. Trix- Paul is freakin hawt. I know that you knew that. And he is got that whole "Dirty Dancing/Johnny Castle" thing going on in his little black outfit. He looks faaaaaaaaabulous. And you do to. But you already know that. :kisswink:

  2. hello all-

    sorry I have not kept up on my posting duties over here. I am going to miss you all this weekend. :bow: I bow to you who can make the trip. Hug Gerry for me, if he shows. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Quinton's birthday party is on Saturday and he will be 4. My baby is growing up. :tissues: It feels like just yesterday I brought him home from the hospital.

    I might check in later. I will be watching Kathy Griffin tonight. Love her.

  3. hey all

    lots of love and hugs to you all- thanks for all the bday wishes. It was a really good day. I got my tattoo this morning. It hurt but it didn't. It is a symbol that Keith designed that represents my name.

    I can not believe you all are going to vegas so soon. I hope the man is there and you can meet him. I also hope that you have a blast.

    Paulette- congrats to Ethan. This has got to be an exciting time for him. It is great he has a mom like you to get him ready for the next stage in his life.

    Cassie - get better soon girlfriend.

    Hi SIN and Kelly and Patk. Miss you guys. :wave::hearts:

  4. hey cheecky monkeys

    I have been in a flurry of emotions the last couple of days. I hope everyone had a great mothers day. :inlove: I know I felt the love. I got a great present. A new purse. I love it.

    Then I went to church with my friend, Bridget, who lost her mother last week. I was really sad but I was really happy I could be there for her. It was just the the two of us. It was a really nice sermon that the pastor gave. Just wonderful.

    Now, I am getting ready to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. OMG!!! 30! I am goning to get a tattoo. I am a little nervous and excited. I dunno.

    Miki and Trix and Pat and SIN and Kelly. Miss you guys.

    Miki- what if your video wins in vegas and Gerry is there to give out prizes again and you get a hug from him. Oh good lord. :omg2:

    I duuno what else. I might be lurking to chat.

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