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  1. love all the new pics and interviews...things have not been this exciting since before POTO...now they are even more so
  2. my story is that I have called a couple of local theaters...only a couple of times...okay maybe 10 or 20 and have nicely bugged them for their 300 promo posters...that are huge and Gerry is really really big in them
  3. hellooooooooo out there...is everyone at Trixie's?
  4. LOL! well it does not help that you are already on wanted posters on "another site" along with me and the other operations starbucks ladies...did I say that outloud?
  5. LOL! I don't think you will get spanked. But that is not so much the worry here...I think your should be more concerned with who would do the spanking...6 ft tall scotsman would be my choice. I'm just saying...
  6. yes we did have a nice little chat last night...and it was much needed. TRIXIE- looooooooovvvveee the new siggie. Cracks me up! I guess you were a little wound up last night. Paulette- I have to agree with you about the pillaging. Let the good times begin.
  7. I thought you might like that one. Ok my naughty ladies...I am off to spend some time with the hubby before LOST comes on. hugs and kisses to you all and may you have sweet GERRY dreams :gerryblacktrunks:
  8. Miklyn don't forget TOOT TOOT LOL! and I hope you all take ER kits and paper bags to breath in to. I don't want to pick up the paper the next morning and read about about a rash of fainting women being rushed to chicago land area hospitals
  9. I had to vote Attila- the whole diaper thing with eyeliner turned me off
  10. trix- I thought both of you would still have seat burn from sliding out of your seats every time the MAN came on the screen. LOL! Butler U sounds like a good time. We will most likely scare the people working there. Remember BOB EVANS. LOL!
  11. sounds like a plan...you know me I am flexable...just trying to figure a budget for the weekend...I am up or down for whatever
  12. I know...I can only think that Gerry felt bad but you know he had to laugh about it...I am sure she did too... ladies...do we have offical plans for our INDY weekend? Am I only buying the $50 ticket?
  13. hey sweetie- we were talking about when Hilary Swank got hit in the head with one of Gerry's suspenders...
  14. you know I feel bad for the girl but two things...I would trade places with her in a heartbeat and I would pay to see that footage. Has got to be fooking fuuny.
  15. awwwwww...that is cute. Trix he is practicing for when he gets to dance with you.
  16. smokin...i wish once he would get a little crazy on the red carpet and act like he would do a little strip tease i hope they have that scene in the PS I love you movie.
  17. that is a 14k gold BAM right back at ya do you smell what I smell...something burning...yes I think we have a bonfire... no word on Friday yet...but I am sure I can pull something off...
  18. If he did they would have to make the pages EXTRA long!!! :hmm2: EXTRA EXTRA long wide angle lense...
  19. Gerry ...call me after you get off the phone with Nancy.
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