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  1. stacie- i love presents. You are my new best friend. OMG! did you all see that PLAYBOY gave 300 7 out of 7 stars. That got me thinking... Do you think Gerry would ever do a photo shoot for PLAYGIRL?
  2. Gerry I think you are hawt and I would shake my grove thang for you.
  3. hi stacie- you and I are living in the same weather pattern. stay warm. Yes. Love it count down to INDY. trix - check out post 291 http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...9975&st=285 could be you...could be coinsidence (sp?)
  4. Trix- I think you are a character in one of the story threads on here. Its in the over 18 Gus McSheradins pub or something like that. Miklyn- where are you tonight?
  5. Trix that cracks me up. Let's not talk about butt sizes lady. Mine looks as if it ate a couple of bowling balls. But you are right it is something to strive for. I love the little boy short undies. They are sooooooo cute. Speaking of butts. Can you imagine what the MAN's looks like after all that working out. Ohhhhhhhhh...I bet he could crush some stuff with those buns.
  6. hey all...I have to share that I got a pretty sweet valentine's present today. It was a little teddy bear holding a box with a ring in it that has three ruby hearts in it. Got to love my man. He does spoil me. I got him something pretty nice too. Get your mind out of the gutters. It was a techy thing he wanted. So he was pretty happy. Trix- OMG! I so can not wait to party. Did our little group decied what we are doing that weekend? Kelly- alas my good lady. I am not able to join the drool fest that will be that weekend in march. I am depressed. I will never be the same. But
  7. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY :ohbaby2: Kelly- I miss you. I can't wait to see you in INDY
  8. i am leaving a valentine message for you...I got a big kiss from Gerry for you..xxx.. LOL!

  9. hey alll...checking in from snow and ice covered ohio...hell has really frozen over. my office is closed for the second day in a row. I hope everyone is staying warm. having thoughts about Gerry being a good lover helps I'm sure.
  10. hey all- just wanted to check in. I know I have not posted in a while. I really can not get on from work anymore and then at night I have so much to do I end up forgeting or being to tired to turn on the computer. Love the new pics of the MAN. I thought about all of you when I watched some of the big game. PRINCE was fab. I hope I can get on more to post and chat. Will anyone be on tonight at around 9pm EST? hugs terra
  11. I know you can do it. The parties are more fun anyway. And if you gotta have a job it might as well be a fun one.
  12. LOL! Trix is like OMG where. The first time I saw it I was watching NBC and then I saw it agian on TBS. Mik- sweetie. I am sorry. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
  13. I saw it agian, i saw it again. oh when will it be march 9th? Miki- you working on your resume agian?
  14. yeah...I was laughing about it today. It turned out to be one expensive screw...er, um
  15. i know. you , me , and miklyn will have a sweet time. Lord knows I need it right now. My work life has been pretty stressful. But I do have a funny story. Quinton stuck a screw up his nose last night. It FREAKED me out. We raced to the ER room after he came into the bedroom crying saying his nose hurt. Luckly, the screw was a flat end screw and not a pointed one. The doc just ended up pulling it out with tweasers. It was all good.
  16. but what would be even better is the unedited version of the movie on IMAX screen...I would for sure need CPR at that point
  17. oh yeah baby...60 foot Gerry with 60 foot spear...60 foot hands...60 foot legs...60 foot , well lots of 60 foot things
  18. hey lady- well the thing is when you marry a techy he only wants the best stuff in the house...so that's how it works. I just got so excited to see the preview on TV. this is the first time and it was really cool. I am really excited that it is in IMAX. OMG!!! Gerry on a 60 foot screen. Oh dear lord.
  19. oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my.... so stupid excited. Just saw a sneak preview of 300 while I was watching HEROS. Let me tell you...GERRY looks even better in HD. :Yee-Haw:
  20. hello all- Kelly- I love ya babe. You know that. Big hugs for you and yours. I will keep you in my prayers. Please be safe on your trip. Let us know when you get back. Gem- you can't leave now. The fun is just getting started. If you reconsider, we will be here. I hope you come back soon. On a happy note...I was on the local news tonight. Here is the link to the story. http://www.wbns10tv.com/?sec=home&stor.../624781913.html So now I am a big star. I assume my phone will ring any minute with Gerry on the other end.
  21. ok you go take a shower and I will wait here... (singing) oh Miki youre so fine youre so fine you blow my mind...hey Miki...my Miki hi Miki...
  22. Trix- hell ya I am trying to kill you. Imagine...Gerry in his PORN PONR costume and some hot slow latin music playing and he puts his hand out to take yours :spontaneous: ...
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