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  1. hello my kittens... It FINALLY stopped raining here. GAWD!!! If we would have had snow it would have been 45 inches. CRAZY! I did not watch the Globes. But I did see the before where everyone walked the red carpet. Loved seeing the LEO. Love him. All the chicas were lovely. Then I got sad that I would never have that life and had to turn the TV. Oh, well. I am sooooooo excited today. I think I found a place to go and take dance lessons. They are a cheap and they have all kinds of dance to do. I am going to call them today or tomorrow and check it out. :dance: Stupid excite
  2. if I don't get friday off I will be there late Friday. You got the room for both nights right? what time do you think you will be there? I think it will take me about three hours to get to INDY. I will be back later...I am doing some family history research.
  3. hey lady- I am not sure yet if I am driving it alone. I contacted Ina and she said we might be able to go together. I would have to leave Friday morning. I don't know if I can get the day off work yet. I wish I could do Chicago early in the month. But I would more than likely have a heart attack watching 300 with all of you.
  4. Stacie- I am verra good thanks for asking. I wish I were riding to Indy together with you and Miklyn and Trix. I will be rooming with you. I am totally excited about that. INDY is verra exciting. We had a really good time last year. Ok...question? Do all HOT men come from Glasgow? I was watching Underworld II last night. I saw that the main bad head vampire is Scotish. So, I looked him up and his name Tony Curran. He was even in B&G. Granted, he is not as hot as the MAN but he an't bad to look at either. http://imdb.com/name/nm0192889/ How about a little Tony and Gerry s
  5. Trix and Miklyn and Kelly- my giirls. Love ya. Trix and Miki- guess what? My hubby saw the trailer for 300 on TV. OMG!!! It was on TV. I got stupid excited. I know. I am strange. Anyway, he said he would go see it with me. And his brother wants to see it with us. OMG!!! I am bringing more people to the dark side. I am so proud of myself.
  6. Pat you crack me up. It' s funny when you talk about my parents having much less and doing ok to bring me up. It reminds me of when I was pregnant and I went shopping in the baby store. There were so many choices for everything. And the last thing on my list was bottles. I turned down the bottle isle and there were like 20 different kinds and 10 different versions of those 20 different kinds. I told my mom the story and she related that when I was born there was playtex and evenflo and she got the one that was the cheapest. Gotta love my mom...keeping it simple. BTW, I remember you
  7. my worst nightmare has come true... I am talking to myself...more like posting to myself ....ONLINE. And what would Gerry say about that... Well, I will be on again tonight. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. hugs and kisses terra
  8. hey all - checking in agian. It has sure been quiet around here. I miss talking to everyone. Trix- Speaking as a mother I understand the "cringe" part of what you said. I may be funny, but I am always thinking "I hope my baby is not all messed up in the head". I usually question my self and my tatics with him. I want to make sure I do things just right, so 10 and 20 years down the line he is not sitting in some therapist office blamming me for his problems. The "head doctor" in me says bravo to you for having the courage to take him to a psychologist. You are a really great mom for
  9. I was lurking tonight. Pretty slient around here. So, I watched Grey's Anatomy. Love that show. I hope everyone is okay.
  10. ok all- i am out for the night... I might be on tomorrow after 9pm my time.
  11. hey girlfriend- Dumping allowed. That is what us GALS are here for. :hug99: You know if you need to talk...call Miklyn first. No seriously, I am always ready to lend an ear. Email me, PM me. Whatever. Love ya like a sista.
  12. hello all... I did not get a chance to thank you over here for all the wonderful Xmas cards. I still am going to send out some. That creative bug has got to hit me. I hope it will in time for Valentines day or St. Pat's day. Anyhoo- Trix- I know what you mean about AJ. Quin will be perfect for his aunt, perfect for the grandparents and the minute I or Keith walk in the door it is like he is a whole different kid. It is something about parents and kids. It is like they know they can push boundaries with us that they would never try with others. I think it also has something to do w
  13. well hello one and all... long time no talk. I hope all is well in Gerry land. I have to share... I went to my local theater to the THE HOLIDAY and I saw a big movie poster for 300. I mean HUGE!!! So I died, right then and there and I took pictures of it with my cell phone. My hubby was with me and the minute I started freaking he made a b-line for the furthest posiable point away from me. Men, they just don't get it. I miss you all.
  14. Hi all- I miss you guys and I hope everyone is doing great. It sounds like some are struggling so I send out big Gerry bear hugs to all. :whochnuzzle: So I have a little story to tell... First, I need to tell you that since 1999 Xmas which was my fav time of year really has been hard lately. My grandmother, who helped raise me, died that year and Xmas was our special time of year. All the family would gather at her house and after she passed it has just never been the same. So, my Xmas spirit is always a little hard to find. Anyhoo, my hubby gave me a present early tonight. It wa
  15. What...no one has posted since yesterday. What has this thread come too? I imagine everyone is out XMAS shopping. I am doing most of mine on line this year. Gotta love the internet. Paulette- I am soooooo jealous you got to see the trailer in the theater. I wanted to see apcolipto (sp?) but I got overruled for Blood Diamond. Don't get me wrong it was a great movie, but I did not get to see the MAN in any of the trailers. Pat- I hope your daughter gets better soon. Quin had a major ear infection last week. He was out for the whole week. Miklyn- the parties gotta get better
  16. Hello all- well someone needs to spank me for not being on the board more. :bottom: and I have the perfect person in mind to carry out the punishment. :terrymuscles: . That's right. Mama is working a long 12 day and needs a little . Anyhoo, I miss you all. And now for a couple of shout outs. Trix and Miklyn- love love love my Xmas cards. Thank you. So sweet. Pat K. - big hugs to you lady. I remember when my basement flooded with and inch of raw sewage in Feb two years ago. That is right...I said raw sewage. We had to catalog everything. I am right there with ya babe.
  17. Trixie- I am an idiot. I never wished you a happy birthday. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY. :dance:
  18. I know. I couldn't help it. I looooove firemen. I would love Gerry as a fireman. :grrr2: :spontaneous:
  19. Good lord Pat. I am gald you and the family are ok. What a crazy thing to have happen. There is some love for you. I truly believe things happen for a reason too. You for sure have an angel watching out for you. BTW- were the fireman hot?
  20. Ok ladies- Is everyone home on a snow day. Good for you. Nothing has hit us yet here in OHIO. But it is coming tonight. TRIXIE- yes. I am your and Miklyn's rommie all the way. My naughty kitten sisters. A team of wild Gerry's :mopboyerik: :mopboyjackie: :mopboymarek: :mopboystranger: :mopboyattila: are the only thing that can stop me from INDY!!! :hmm2: that may not be such a bad idea. i might be on later... hugs to all
  21. hey Chicago land GALS- I hear the weather is gonna pack a punch here soon in your neck of the GERRY NATION. Does everyone have something to keep them "warm" in the cold cold weather? :gerryblacktrunks: :terrymuscles:
  22. One step at a time...build on that dream. :goodjob2: I know you can do it. I am gonna scoot for a minute. Gonna have din din with the family. I will be back on between 8 and 9 your time. hugs terra
  23. Hey that is great that you have something. Now you don't have too worry too much about paying the bills. What you can do now is take some time and maybe really look at your career goals. Mayby even go talk to someone about them. You know, keep your dream alive and take some baby steps towards your bigger picture. Ok, career counselor Terra is done. GALS Terra says: sweet now you will have money to start a "going to see 300 way to many times because Gerry is naked in it" fund
  24. i am good sweetie...thanks for asking...i miss hanging out on here with you guys. I need to get on more at night when I have some time. Speaking of taking time off work, I need to look at March. I am assuming we will have a party for the opening of 300. You gotta a job? When? Where?
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