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  1. I think the Mummy might not have had Gerard listed in the cast credits. However they could have made a mistake with the information on the movie. JOTS was a short so were not elidgable. Little White Lies and Rock Star were TV shows so again did not count.

    Dear Frankie was a tiny indie movie here in the Uk that only got a London West End and key city art house release and when I joined Gerards fan base even I had not heard of it and I am Brittish so not that surprised no one in the general public has not heard of this truly wonderful movie.

    The shock for me was how low POTO scored. That was a major hit in the UK and has been on TV a lot and sold well on DVD. Also P.S.I Love You was a massive hit here so the fact that his films universally scored low is a concern.

    There seems to some dislocation between Gerard, his movies and the UK public let alone the critics and how that can be sorted is a real mystery.

  2. Paisleyscot; can I thank you for the clip of the interview as I missed yesterdays broadcast. Very much appreciated.

    I am not sure if you (the site)could download the full interview which lasted for approximately 15 mins and was rather interesting as it gave more details on what strands of the legal profesion Gerard was involved in.

    If anyone is interested you have access to the BBC Radio 5 website and the full interview starts at 1 hours 15 mins into the 2nd Jan edition of Richard Bacon's show. By the way the interviewer is Phil Williams as RB was away on his Christmas break.


  3. I seem to recall that when Coriolanus was released in the UK the distributors had already made up their minds to push Madonna's WE for the award season. This meant that other movies were left out in the cold Coriolanus being one of those left out. How true this was we will never know.

    They really missed a trick as Gerard did interviews but no one seemed to push James Nessbitt who has a strong TV reputation here and Brian Cox.

    Notice also that any movie that you would regard as script based as opposed

    to anything 3D, teen horror or rom com seems to get left behind. Gone are the days when films such as A Private FunctioPa pillionllion could be allowed to find a cinema audience.


  4. Can I state that I was shocked at how physical the game got considering the game was a charity matchgame. Keane, Ferril were hurt and Ramsey was sent to hospital and how Michael Sheen was still able to walk after the amount of tackles he had to take was shocking. Got to the point where I was pleased Gerard was stopping his runs and not getting kicked.

    Other channels on Monday were saying they thought that the tackle on Ramsey should have been a at least a booking and easily a sending off.

    What annoyed me was that how will this event attract other people to particpate in a CHARITY match if they might end up been sent to hospital. I actually felt embarrassed to be English that they were prepared to use professional tackles on charity level players. Sorry I thought they were annoyed they were behind at half time and were prepared to do anything to win.

    Took the shine of the whole event for me.

    Best gerard moment was Serge getting ready for the cross into Gerard in the box; sadly he was offside but Gerard would have easily scored.


  5. Gerard was on the preview show last night with Jason Issacs and many other of the participants. Gerard and Jason looked like they were getting on really well and I thought Gerard was really shy and boy is Jason also a natural chatterbox. Jason brought up Gerard's accident last winter and both started winding each other up about the score. Gerard was really well behaved. Hopefully someone will have access to the recording.


  6. I watched the DVD again yesterday and it still amazes me that they ever managed to complete the movie. The chaos and real danger thanks to the sinking ship really opens your eyes to the reality of movie making and just how unglamorous the industry truly is.

    It is heartening to think that even after the many hours of a days filming Gerard still gave over and hours time to give and interview to the documentary maker.

    If you have not seen this DVD I sincerely recommend it.

    Best wishes.


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