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  1. Am I correct he was up for the remake of The Poseidon Adventure, The Fantastic Four and turned down a role in Mona Lisa Smile.
  2. Just to clarify. It was the BBC 1 trailer for the Bafta show. They are using footage from the 2011 show and Gerard is in the last couple of seconds.
  3. Has anyone been able to record the BBC Bafta trailer for tonight's ceremony as Gerard is pictured from last years event.?
  4. Is it me or in one of the images is he leaning a what looks like a replica Spartan shield.
  5. I have always thought the short film Please was a wonderful piece of work and rarely talked about. You really believe in the character's emotional unraveling and the final scenes are deeply upsetting and all in udder 20 mins. J
  6. Coriolanus was reviewed on this UK show tonight and something odd happened. Coriolanus was said to be the movie of the year as it was that good but failed to win movie of the week. It lost to the Madonna movie WE. I am now convinced that critics are a law unto themselves and frankly nuts.
  7. Uggie the dog doing a recreation of the accident was odd but Gerard really seemed to find it funny. That is the first time I have seen that clip from Coriolanus and am so looking forward to the movie. Moira was there much edited out of the broadcast?.
  8. He has had injuries and illnesses throughout his career. Everything from a severe chest infection after Nim's Island that disrupted the filming of Rocknrolla to the eye injury he got onstage in Coriolanus. This is without the punishment he put his body through during the drinking days. Michael Sheen has a permanently injured right shoulder from filming The Damned United and two permanently busted knees from Underworld and Amadeus. My fear is that the industry is solely financially driven and all actors are replaceable. Thirty years ago a movie production left two children and a well known
  9. I wonder if this might not effect his life so much as as much make him think more about the projects he signs up to. He has had two bad experiences regarding water themed movies and seems to have noticed that when he is part of an action movie he seems to be a lot close to the pyrotechnics that he imagined. (Read his Gamer interviews) Gerard seems to be a mass of contradictions so little would surprise me. The upcoming press tours will be enlightening to say the least. J.
  10. Does anyone know if the whole shoot is now wrapped.
  11. Am I the only poster who was surprised Gerard signed onto another water themed movie after his serious chest infection he picked up doing Nim's Island.
  12. Mods have you had any confirmation he is OK. This is a deeply concerning issue.
  13. As we come to the end of another year I was just wondering what you all do with your old Gerard Calendars (those who have them). Best Wishes. J.
  14. The new DVD is called Gift of the Night Fury. Gerard is in the first story but not the second
  15. Can I mention that two pieces of Gerard's work seem to get little mention they are; Please - The short film he made in the UK and is on you tube Tale of the Black Freighter - Beautifully creepy and his narration in full Scottish burr really works. J
  16. I watched the DVD today and really enjoyed the story. Well worth a watch Gerard is in most of the first story but absent from the second. A nice companion piece if you own the first DVD. Best Wishes. Jude.
  17. Just found this article. Not sure if you already have it. Best Wishes Jude.
  18. The Big Issue has a web page http://www.bigissue.com/"
  19. This is a wonderful piece of history. The UK number 1 in the week Gerard was born was "Sugar Sugar" by The Archie's. The USA number 1 in the week Gerard was born was "The Wedding Bell Blues" The 5th Dimension. Jude.
  20. Happy 42nd Birthday Gerard Hope that you have the chance to celebrate. All the best for the future. Best Wishes. Jude.
  21. Fascinating article. Can any Scottish posters enlighten me on the qualifications he received. I am English so appreciate that the Scottish education system is different. I gather that Highers which he gained were the equivalent of the O and A level of the 80's so he got (as I read it) 5 A Levels. No idea what a SYS either. Hope you can help. Jude.
  22. I was surprised that they did not even review the film. Jude.
  23. Gutted that the video stuck terribly throughout and could not watch the clips of Gerard properly. It seemed a really interesting piece. Jude
  24. I caught Gerard's interview on BBC Radio 4 Front Row. No questions were out of the ordinary but he still seems incredibly enthusiastic about the movie and the issues involved. Kirsty Lang was genuinely interested in the movie and it was wonderful hearing his interview among the reviews of stage plays and dance pieces. Jude.
  25. This is a big deal. For those overseas Radio 4 is the most highbrow BBC news/arts and currant affairs radio station and Front Row is a half hour show that reviews movies, novels and art exhibitions. Really looking forward to this. know you can listen live online in the UK but not sure if the BBC is available online abroad. Jude.
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