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  1. It looks like Beards allowed in the Royal Navy but nothing more than a mustache in the Army. I think sometimes whatever length of hair the colour can be too harsh. Many years ago he had salt and pepper colouring for the Japanese press tour of POTO short hair but all rather wonderful. Jude.
  2. Ok I cannot keep this in any longer. I am probably the only person who will mourn the loss of Gerard's longer hair. Not only does my mind immediately reference roles such as The Jury I actually love the wildness of it and although I can imagine many wish they could put a comb through it just does something for me. Those images he did for LA Confidential will remain a very happy memory for quite some time. So even though I am a minority of one who has enjoyed the Giant Haystacks years (UK 1970's reference) spare a thought that your joy will be my sadness Best Wishes. Jude.
  3. Is this magazine available to buy online? Any advice on how a UK member can get hold of a copy would be appreciated. Jude
  4. Wow those photographs are wonderful. I suspect that it will not be easy getting hold of that magazine. Jude.
  5. For those not wanting to listen to Stern I can tell you that he really seemed to warm to Gerard and praised MGP om many occasions throughout the interview. Gerard seemed on top form and seemed to be able to side step the more idiotic questions remarkably well especially regarding his female co stars. He was very open about his pst troubles with drink and drugs( refused to say what his drugs of choice were) He gave away much more about his parental dynamic Mum's persoanlity like Gerard; Step - Dad which he described as a great man seems to have been a quite but loving influence in his life.
  6. Has anyone else in the UK read that a new version of the Jury has already been filmed with Julie Walters in a major role to be broadcast later this year on ITV 1. This makes no sense to me. As far as I am aware ITV has never repeated the series. J
  7. Fram didn't he place a really sweet left cross into the penalty box in the first half? I was impressed at the pace the two teams played at and no lack of commitment considering it was a charity match. Also was it me or did he keep Keane quiet for sections of the game? J
  8. I think some people were enquiring about ordering Celeic shirts. They can be customised to have the number 23 and Butler stamped on the back. According to my calculations the price is in $ $77.00 for plain shirt $20.00 for lettering and the number 23 So that is $97.00 for the shirt however P&P looks tricky to work out as it depends on where you live overseas so will be calulated on weight and size of package. My guess is it will be another $20-$30 so must be around the $120 to $130 to purchase the shirt. My link J
  9. Many of the other celebrities actually have a background in football, playing for teams at a decent level before leaving to pursue other careers. I was thrilled to see John Hartson ( the man who stood with Gerard at kick off ) after his grueling cancer battle and great to Russel Watson in good singing voice after his brain tumour removal. Larson at 39 is still good enough to play top class football and boy I am old enough to remember the two acting Managers O'Neil and Strachan as players let alone the likes of Roy Keane. Still cannot compute in my brain that Gerard was man to man marking th
  10. Gerard's kit belongs to the 1991 - 1992 season, Noah's is brand new with that style running from 2010 to at least the 2012 season. J
  11. When you see Gerard land there seems to be a small group of people. I wonder if they were with him?. J
  12. I think that society in general needs to reevaluate it priorities. Being thin seems to outweigh being healthy and look at the stick he got when he was supposedly big rather than the comments he has been getting for being thin and sexy recently. On a more problematic note that studio exec who told him off for smoking will not be pleased to see these images. I take my hat off to anyone who managed to stop smoking as I gather it is an incredibly hard habit to break. J
  13. Has the news reached you that Love Never Dies is to close in August?
  14. Wonder if this was the museum they visited. My linkJ
  15. I am old enough to remember the original series. The show was a major hit on UK TV during the late 1970's early 1980's and for those overseas the boss was played by Gordon Jackson who was Hudson the Butler in Upstairs Downstairs. Would love the cast to comprise of Gerard, Jason Isaccs and Bill Nighy although Gary Oldman is a great choice. J
  16. Thank you for the link Lady. Who would have gathered that Nicole Kidman and Jan De Bont's knees were such an insurance issue. Fascinating. J
  17. I think since the horrors that befell a certain Spielberg/Landis production in the early 1980's safety issues have really been tightened in the industry. I think the paid actor is genuinely in less risk than in those days though I notice there has been some high profile fatalities with stuntmen so I cannot see the studios ever been able to reduce the risk factor to zero. I think the airbag incident on BOTW, the chest problems after Nim's Island which meant he lost filming days on R&R, his injuries on 300 and the metal clip that cut Hilary Swank (if ever there was a freak accident that wa
  18. Can I ask if Richard Stilgoe's absence as co lyricist from Love Never Dies could be one reason for the problems. I personal feel he ver received enough credit for the original production of POTO success. J
  19. I think the majority of the problem is that the industry is in crisis. They are having to adjust to everything from the new digital age to studio shareholders wanting rock solid returns on their investments. Most of the old studios in the UK folded leaving individual Directors and Producers to somehow keep going. Add to this the expansion (UK) of the acting schools offering courses from around 6 in the late 1960's to approx 30 today and you have a massive expansion of trained actors entering a career more unstable than ever. I think if you look at most actors careers you will not only se
  20. Do you have to pay the festival to enter it "Competition" section? J
  21. I was lucky enough to see a BBC documentary about Burns and it proved fascinating viewing. On a practical level all but one of the buildings that he either lived or visited on a regular basis still exist and the Church where he worshiped and was the scene of a great event where Jean Armour's Father made him confess his sins to the congregation which resulted in a near riot is still unchanged. Burns was a strange fascinating man. His wiki entry is a good foundation if you have little knowledge of the man and his work and he can easily be cited as the bedrock of the romantic movement. J
  22. Happy 20th anniversary of your 21st birthday. I wish you a year filled with continued success. May your day be filled with wonderful memories. All the best. Jude. (UK)
  23. I read the comment on a forum post (not even sure it was here) about three years ago but for the life of me I cannot recall any more details other than someone knew him at University and remembered the purple hair. J
  24. Uni = University I have always suspected that the purple hair story is not true but I have always wondered if anyone else had heard about this. J
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