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  1. I have no idea if this has any truth to it but I seem to recall being told that Gerard in his more wild days sported long purple hair and a glam rock look during his uni days. Has anyone else ever heard of this and if so could this be a version of that look!! J
  2. My two favorite actors are Gerard and Alexander Siddig so you can imagine how I feel during a certain 5 minute section of the movie. J
  3. I cannot access this video so suspect that it will only play in the US. J
  4. pothos

    Butler Did It

    Cavanah apparently played the character MI6 Agent Stevens in TR2 so that is one of the blokes who visit Lara to instigate the mission (I think) J
  5. With respect I think the industry is going through a massive change. The rise in home digital technology, economic pressures that make studios go for the blandest options, the lack of emphasis on decent scripts and add to this the free fall of the entire UK movie industry of all had a negative impact on what gets made and what gets offered to an actor. I also think in Gerard's case he needs/likes to work. I have never met him and only have what little I know about him from interviews etc but he strikes me as being in the actor's category who does not enjoy being out of work. In regards to
  6. This got me wondering how different Gerry fandom must have been back in the day. I suspect POTO really sent things into megadrive on the forums. Must be a real thrill to those who were around in the very early days to see how successful he has become. By the way is the bloke in the Mustard coloured jacket James Purefoy who stared in Rome?. All the best J.
  7. Actually it is an old image that is on this website. Look in Gals Photo Gallery (then go to) Magazine and Article Section (then click on) General Articles (then got to the bottom of the screen and click on the number 6) The Sunday Times pic is at the bottom and looks from about 2001. Hope that helps J
  8. Just discovered a very old image of Gerard in a Sunday Times photograph with other up and coming actors (General articles page 6). Unfortunately cannot read the list of names as the image blurs on my computer screen. Can anyone enlighten me. j
  9. Re earlier post. All sorted regarding magazines. So excited. J
  10. I have not been able to get in touch with the person who was going to send me a copy of both the W magazine and AD. As I live in the UK is there anyone who would like to take pity on me as I can pay using Paypal. J
  11. I have worked out what has happened. For some reason my name and all function such as PM has been pushed off the normal screen size I use and is now on the extreme right. (Imagine two pages of a book and the forum is on one while the other appears at the extreme right of page 2. My signing in and out is their as well. I hope that this helps others as I supspect some might needs to change their personal computer settings as well. Thanks for replying and your help. I am glad I got to the bottom of this as I thought I had lost the plot. J
  12. I am in a panic and must be doing something wrong at my end. I have lost all ability to log in and out of the site (Permanently logged in) and cannot find any way to log into my personal messenger. I have a very old computer but both systems have seen missing since late Saturday (UK GMT )The PM icon was at the top of the forum page then just vanished. Normally I would just wait patiently but I was expecting a rather important message from someone and had no other method of contact. I can appreciate that this is a mammoth undertaking. I might be just profoundly unlucky but am dreading the t
  13. Actually a very nice lady online tipped me off that he was to appear on this show so the credit belongs to her.. Best Wishes J
  14. http://www.magic.co.uk/home.asp Just click on Gerard (He is about half way down the page on the right) to hear last nights show. Not sure if this will play outside the UK though. Fingers crossed. Jude
  15. Thanks to a last minute tip odd I got the chance to listen to Gerard on this show picking his favorite records. The station is based around MOR retro classics so we got to hear lots of 80's stuff. Nice little interview and I believe the show in both on line and available to pod cast . Let me know if you have problems as although I am no good at writing hyperlinks I can at least give you the list of tracks that were played. J
  16. Does anyone know if this magazine is available to buy on line. Being in the UK is frustrating regarding items like this. J
  17. My immediate thought was that the year is wrong as he looks about 14 to 18 years old to me. What is also thought provoking is that fresh faced young man was spiraling into alcoholism, heart breaking when you think about it. Jude
  18. First time I have ever seen this image of Gerard. Enjoy. http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g234/pothos/scan0004-3.jpg http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g234/pothos/scan0005-3.jpg All the best Jude.
  19. I purchased a specialist DVD disc that cleans the lens in the actual DVD recorder/player. It was not that expensive and I use it a couple of times a year to keep the machine in top working order. J
  20. If you look closer at the table (this is from memory) there are images of a little girl with long hair. So that I have always assumed was was Hilary. I did notice a picture of a little boy sat in front of wall with 1970's wallpaper on it. (Ahh the memories of the bright orange wall in my childhood home) and another of two children in school uniform. As for the trophy holding image, the wall behind looks pebble dashed so would hazard a guess at that being a UK based picture. J
  21. Just thought I would upload these images of Gerard's interview for company Magazine (UK) 2010. http://i57.photobuck.../scan0001-5.jpg http://i57.photobuck.../scan0002-5.jpg Hope that these have not appeared else where. Enjoy. All the best Jude Note: Larger versions in the Gallery: The Bounty Hunter Articles » Company - UK - March 2010
  22. About 6 months ago the BBC did a rather good documentary on the life and works of Robert Burns. The explored his poetry, his love of life and the massive conflicts he battled within himself. Two sections really stood out. After getting his love Jean Armour pregnant they both had to sit in front of their local congregation and be told off for their sins also the days leading up to Burns death; desperately ill and waiting for the birth of their latest child he scratched hi name into a window pane which is still there and now part of the Burns museum. Almost all the buildings where he worshiped
  23. Happy 40th Gerard. All the best for the coming year. Jude.
  24. UK poster here. Am I correct in thinking that there are more clips to upload from Gerard's SNL appearance? Seen up to part three with the 300 skit, but am now intrigued by the white pimp suit and cane comment. J
  25. Sapphyre. I am from the north east of England and the term "Buy Shopping" is commonly used to denote buying groceries. All the best. J.
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