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  1. So sorry I missed your birthdsy! Happy belated birthday love BeautifulDreamer89

  2. Gerry has a fantastic singing voice. He should make a another musical. Yes those arms and thighs
  3. Hah! yes my dear it's all up front where it counts. I agree with you these are two of my favorite actors and they are both great down to earth and very masculine.
  4. ````````````````````````````````````Gerry travels a lot he can't be expected to remember parking rules and meters for all the cities that he travels to. I know it would drive me nuts. THis is one hot picture I downloaded this one thanks. No one should look this hot. Oh I would take a second, third and fourth look if I saw a hottie like him on the street, even if I didn't know it was Gerr. No man should be this hot and drive us so crazy. But I'm glad it's Gerr, he's so sweet.
  5. It would be nice if he recreated the scene in the movie where he is naked. I'm just saying or did someone else think of this?
  6. Oh no I don't like this article at all. We can't get enough of Gerry. I'm so happy for his success and all the new photos and interviews I want more. more, more. Won't buy this magazine, that's for sure.
  7. The name Michael is always the name I imagined for the character in this movie. It's also one of my favorite Gerry movies. Oh how I wish they would do a sequel!
  8. We can only hope. I'm finding myself starting to believe that Gerry will always be that "you know you recognize him, but you can't quite place his face" guy. As a fan, I'm ok with that - as long as he stays working! LOL POTO was supposed to be his "sure thing." No one thought he'd go unnoticed after 300 -- especially with that carnival of publicity. The excitement associated with the promotion of 300 was palpable. PSILY was supposed to be the big romantic comedy ... "starring opposite 'Academy Award Winner' Hilary Swank" that would keep him pinned to the cork board. blah, blah, blah Ye
  9. Thank You Sandy for this information. This will be my Birthday Gift.
  10. I completely agree with you and very well stated. And it is very humid here, talking about Gerry makes it even hotter!
  11. Hows it not his type. She a beautiful lady and gerard likes pretty ladies I doubt its true, but if it was i would be happy for them. Gerard is friends with alot of women and you know what the papers are like, if he even glances at people he's dating them Doubt its true, but if it was good luck to them lol Don't get me wrong, I like Jennifer Aniston. I think she is a beautiful accomplished woman, however she seems to be missing a war
  12. Jeff Gordon is a race car driver...NASCAR I believe. Thank you for your reply SummerLass. It's so funny that so many people are up this early looking at Gerry"s website. I'm on vacation. I'm on vacation today too...I woke up at 4:30 and couldn't go back to sleep..I'm not usually on this site this early! Well I'm glad you're up because I can't sleep either Now I don't feel so lonely
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