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  1. Bennett's MRI was last Saturday and I received the phone call today from his Oncologist. WOOHOO!!! Another clean MRI. It has now been 15 months that the brain tumor was removed. I am finally starting to breathe a sigh of relief that it could all be behind us. This is truly going to be a Blessed Thanksgiving at my house. I hope everyone else has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs, Dawn & Bennett
  2. Well GALS. It was 2 years ago this week that Bennett fell ill to the brain tumor. In some ways it has felt like a very long 2 years and in others it has flown. I am reflecting back to 2 years ago and at how ill my handsome young man was and can't believe that we got through it all. I think the time has gone by a little faster for me thanks to some of the beautiful women I have made some friendships with from this place. I won't mention names but you know who you are and I thank you from my toes for your love and advice. Bennett is doing very well. He is still growing and is getting stron
  3. The typewriter and the pen was from One more Kiss -
  4. Homecoming #2 Bennett and my niece Hunter Bennett and me Bennett and Morgan Sue I am emailing you bigger pics right after I post this. Dawn
  5. Thank you Sue - He does look very handsome doesn't he? OK my young man is turning into quite the ladies man - We live in the Forest Hills School District and Bennett attends Eastern High School. Last week was homecoming at Northern and he went with Jessica (a friend), this weekend is Easterns dance and he is going with Morgan, next week is Central's and he is going with Lana. My sister called him today and I answered the phone and she asked to speak the manwhore of the house - LOL. I just about cried. I will post more dashing pics as they become available.
  6. I just emailed them to you sweetie.
  7. Homecoming 2008 - Bennett & Grandpa Bennett & Me Here is my handsome hero and his date Jessica.
  8. OK Nay has giving me the Scottish bug as well. With some historical web sites she provided me this weekend I hope to be travelling with the ladies to my homeland. Through my searches this weekend the Ogg clan is mostly located in Aberdeen and I hope we can visit there. I don't where stiletto's so I will probably be the only one who walks comfortably. HAHAHAHA Hope you will let me join in your journeys. Hugs, Dawn
  9. Well as promised - here is the notorious School Picture. I really think the boy needs a hair cut - but my heart tells me to shut up - especially after he has had to shave it all of at least 6 times in the last year and a half. He does look very handsome though - even if I do say so myself. HAHAHAHA I'm not toooo proud. Hugs to you all.
  10. Trip to the Radiology Oncology department today at our new Cancer Center in Grand Rapids went very well. His doctor thought he looked great, still a little too skinny but at least with a full head of hair again. All the new hair on his head that came in after radiation is very curly and he is not very happy about that. His doctor said she really didn't know if it would go back to normal or not. He still has a little spot on the back of his head where he received a pretty serious radiation burn that is very thin but he has let it grow long enough that you really would never now. School starte
  11. Oncology and MRI update - We just got back with another clean MRI result. There were no signs of the tumor but there is some scar tissue still there that the doctor's are watching very closely. I was praying that his doctor's appointments would start to diminish but they are not going to. The area in which the tumor was located is filled with brain fluid and the area of fluid has gotten smaller which is a good thing. I just didn't realize or didn't hear them that it would take so long before he is truly out of the woods and considered cured. He will have an MRI every 3 months for the next ye
  12. "Fans" aren't the only ones who attempt to crash industry parties, and Gerry isn't the only celebrity that's going to be at TIFF. I'm sorry to say this ladies, but we can't control the masses - no matter how "concerned" we are for Gerry. That's what security and volunteers and handlers are for. Again, I don't know all the details of what happened three years ago, I don't need to, nor do I care. But I'm sure it wasn't the first time Gerry had to deal with bad behavior, and I'm sure it certainly wasn't the last. Gerry's a big boy, and he can take care of himself. And for the record, Gerry isn'
  13. OMG - The kid finally got his license yesterday!!!!!!!!! Not sure if I am relieved or just a little more stressed out!!!! Way to go Bennett!!!!!
  14. Bennett's next MRI is scheduled for 8/25 - We have had to postpone our trip to Detroit because of MRI and appointment with the oncologist that week. Hopefully we can reschedule again for when Gerry finally shows up in Detroit to film LAC in the fall. Bennett made a very grown up decision this week to not play soccer this year. A little heartbreaking for me as he has been playing now for 13 years. He has finally realised that school work is finally more important so how can I argue with that. He is going to be starting his Junior year the week after Labor Day and is focusing on having his fi
  15. Happy anniversary my dear Bennett. One year ago today you don't remember much, but I remember your strength, faith and determination. I am the proudest mom in the entire world and Love you with all my heart. Mom
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