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    Gerry, Gerard James Butler, Gerraad! And scupture, knitting, crotcheting, ornament making, wine glass charms, small amount of jewelry, glass painting. Would like to do body painting, Gerry's body first!!!!! Let's see, what else....Gerry, Gerard James Butler, Gerraad!!! I guess that's pretty much it. Oh, and Gerry too!!!!

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  1. Happy 4th GALS Anniversary, Jo!! Time sure flies!

    ~HUGS~ Kathy

  2. My Beautiful Sweet Frannie, I have had sooo much trouble getting in here to see and wish you all my love and sympathy for your devastating loss.....You know how i feel about you and if you don't i don't believe you don't...Frannie I have loved and admired your work soooo much through the few years i have been privleged to know you...you always seem to know what is in my heart and very un-selfishly give it to me......you always know what i want to see of our Gerry and to me that means you feel that person's love....well...feel it now again Frannie...I love you and i am so sorry for this happ
  3. Is it going to be shown here in the US???? I sure hope so. I don't think I ever saw sweat look so day-am good before as it does on the G-Man!!!
  4. Sweet Frannie, I am sorry to, finally, hear about your illness. I will put you in my prayers again right away. I was making orns for everyone until the wee snowpeople took off like hotcakes at my girl friends job. So now I have a few orders for some already, so on the plane to PS I will be crotcheting wee hats and scarves for them. Your beautiful artwork, siggy's and wallpapers, are still as awesome as ever. I have kept all mine and every so often I look at them and marvel how, not only the art work, but how well you portrayed him for me. You're still the bomb Babe!! Take care of our Frann
  5. I hate that I have missed sooooooooooo much goodies!! I promise to be more attentive this year. I miss my GALS but thanks to Kathy and Sue, I have been in touch as much as possible. Lots of 'stuff' been happening this year. But I will make sure I am here more often after I finish the 'Gerry II' statue for Gerry himself. School was a mess this past semester due to a fire in the glass blowing room and all gas and acetylene was not able to be used. Also no bronzing. 'Gerry II' is almost ready to be prepped for bronzing. I will finish him in Palm Springs this next few months. I had hoped to be
  6. HI!!! I heard from a couple friends at this family restaurant that I like to go to, that Gerry is supposed to do another interview with Ophra in the near future. Does anyone know if this is true!!! Jo
  7. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I am finally able to get on my computer without being kicked off!!!!! I have been gone toooooooooo long!!! But the computer lady just was able to come over last night and get me fixed up!!! I have soooo missed my GALS and my special friends. I wanted to cry my eyes out!! I am also going to have Kathy post some wedding pics for me of my fabulous Grand Baby and her awesome man!! I am so proud of my Frannie and our Dragonslayer as well. I am sure that soon you will have some more intense competion with my Kathy getting in there with her awesome talent as well. You GALS are so
  8. Dear Lord, This is why I love being here.....or anywhere where we can talk about this incredibly awesome man. All these wonderful comments make me feel soooooo good!! I am soooo glad I have loved Gerry for so long and so much! He is more than worth the time. And it's never, ever an effort!!! That beautiful face with that to-die-for smile just makes me go weak in the knees! And he still gives me goose bumps when I see him and listen to that adorable voice. I can catch an wee bit of accent every so often and it makes me shiver with delight!!! The man has it all and he doesn't even know it!! G
  9. Welllllll, I want to go on record by syaing that I'm 'verra' sorry, but I do not think Robert Patinson is in anyway sexy or even cute. But I am an Elizabeth Taylor fan from way back and I go along with her thoughts on men. And personally I am totally in love with this gorgeous, handsome and incredibly wonderful man and no matter who they stick in front of him, he will always be number one in my book forever!! Even when he gets past his fourties!!! Jo I'm with you Sandy!!! Kudos on your thoughts!! I totally agree!! Jo
  10. It's been a while since I have been here but I am so trying to keep busy and I would be missing all the wonderful news if it weren't for my Kathy. But I have a chance to be here for a moment and I want to say how wonderful the comments are about our Gerry. He truly is a fantastically humble man. I am sure his Mum has a lot to do with that, but still he is that kind of man inside himself anyway!! I love that part of him now as much as I did when I first saw him as Archie. He appeared even then as a real person, not full of himself now that he got a wonderful part in a movie with some really awe
  11. OMGERRY, OMGERRY, OMGERRY....... I just saw my new siggy!!!!!! Thank you Sue for posting him for me. I am so inept when it comes to the new site...I totally need to get on here more and practice. But I truly Thank You sooooooo much as well as I Thank my sweet Kathy. This siggy totally takes my breath away!!! Gerry in all his glory!!!The man is awesomely incredible and our Kathy has learned the skill of siggy's so well. Now I have two wonderful siggy makers. My Kathy and my Frannie. I love you both and I will never forget my very first siggy ever, which I love still by bcozy!!! You GALS rock.
  12. Hi Everybody, Well, I am trying to get into school, but I may not be able to this semester as the fire in the glass blowing room has made everything a mess. Not the fire per se, but the gas lines need to be replaced and the fire marshall has said that no braising or bronzing can be done this next YEAR!!!!!!! So I may not be able to get into class this semester. They are limiting Independent Study Students because of room. I'm still trying, but I can always finish 'Gerry' 2 next fall!!! It's only four weeks 'til Dana and Jose' get married. I am already in tears. I miss my babies sooooooo m
  13. WOW...... I took time before I had to start getting ready for school and sat and read all the awesome posts from all these awesome GALS about the Polar Bear's experience with our G-Man. Yes, I am in total agreement about what an incredible man Gerry is. He is all I ever dreamed he was and more. How can one man be so incredibly wonderful in so many ways is a testament to the handiwork of an awesome Lord. That Gerry is one gorgeously incredible man in all ways. No wonder he stole my heart so long ago. Thank You all for all the wonderful comments that filled my heart with such happiness. I am so
  14. Thanks for the update for this ol' lady!! I am sooooo far behind on 'stuff', I feel like I am a catcher in the out out field with the sun in my eyes and no sun glasses!!!!!!! I am also looking forward to this movie collaboration as well. Gerry loves doing movies that make people laugh, and he is so day--am cute when he does comedy. BUT.....I love him in any movie he makes, so I am not a one to choose any specific movie for him. I want to see him in all and any movie he can get his gorgeous hands on!!! AOG Joanna
  15. Hi POLAR BEAR!, "COOL" Name!!! Had a 'wee' problem last night with a bit of health....almost better now. But am feeling well enough to post myself today. I truly Thank my Beautiful "Sis" of my heart for posting for me last night and truly thankful to her for her understanding. I am also thankful the Lord has helped me feel soooo much better today so I can Thank you Polar Bear for your integrity. It must be hard to be so silent about such and extraordinary experience and that you have that strength is so commendable. I give you kudos. Yes, Gerry is an incredibly awesome man. He is all I
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