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  1. :)

    I know Gerry has different homes but the ones I heard about were his beautiful converted loft in New York's Chelsea area and a Spanish style villa in Los Feliz district in L.A.

    Then a short while ago Iin one article he spoke of the peace he was finding in his ranch forest in the hills above Malibu..

    does anyone know if this is a new place he has aquired? ( He said his Mum and stepfather were house sitting in the house while he filmed for a month in Australia on 'Gods of Egypt'.)

    He has also spoken about eventually going back to his roots in Scotland to settle there.

    Best regards,


  2. Hi there,

    does anyone know if Gerry attended any events during the Oscars' season this year as I havent seen any pictures of him anywhere?

    On other years he has been at Elton John or Vanity Fair paries with Alan and other friends and of course last year he was with Madalena who is no longer with him.

    There have been casually dressed photos of him out and about in L.A. but nothing publicity wise since his attendance at the Hugo Boss fashion show.

    I now look forward to seeing him as the god Set and hope all goes well for the film shoot in Australia.

    By the way I see the Scottish Macbeth film is being shot with Michael Fassbender playing the lead - he is a great actor but I cannot help being a bit disappointed that Gerry isnt in it.

    best regards to you all,


  3. :marek: Hi,

    Cant help being a bit disappointed that although Gerry has been busy with other acting and producing roles over the past few years, he hasnt been in some of the well received Scottish set films that have been released - The Angel's Share, Brave or Sunshine on Leith. Now too Outlander is being released to great publicity and anticipation from the huge fanbase of readers of Diana Gabaldon's book series.. I appreciate that the Jamie Fraser role is too young now to be suitable for hime but if more films in the series are made I would love him to appear as a character in the series at some point. (By the way the actor Sam Heughan who is cast as Jamie looks wonderful and is a Scot rom New Galloway in the Scottish borders)

    It is such a pity that the Robert Burns flm has never got off the ground as Gerry was so well suited for that role.

    I am now dying to see what he will be like as the Egyptian god Set in Gods of Egypt,

    regards to all,


  4. :marek:

    Hi ladies,

    I agree with what you say about Michael Scott's likeness to Noah and Bradley too. He seems really enthusiastic about his subject and must be very popular as a lecturer at Warwick University.

    By the way did you see Gerry and Bradley together at the Wimbledon Tennis Mens' Finals - they were having a ball and stood out in their similar outfits.

    It was a thrilling match and glad Andy won.

    His home town of Dunblane is quite close to Comrie where Gerry's folks live.



  5. :marek:

    I saw a BBC 2 television documentary called 'Who were the Greeks?' last week and as well as being informative and interesting I was struck by the presenter's likeness to Gerry - both in features and his enthusiastic mannerisms.

    He is a Dr Michael Scott - a professor of classical history at the University of Warwick in England. and his website is www.michaelscottweb.com if you want to check him out. He is presenting the second part of his talk this Thursday, 4th July on BBC 2 and is very knowledgeable about the anciant Greek world. He had a lot to say about Sparta and its customs!

    regards to all,


  6. :ladies_night:


    it was lovely to see Gerry with his brother Brian's twins - Rachel and Katy - at the Chasing Mavericks screening.

    When we saw photos of them last in 2008 at the Nim's Island premiere they looked so much younger and are fast becoming young ladies and still with their glorious red hair!



  7. Please can anyone tell me what has happened to the United Kingdom cinema release of this film.

    It was supposed to be shown from 5th November 2012 but I cannot find it anywhere, and the IMDB page which lists the countries releasing it no longer show the UK.

    I dont understand why this has happened and it is very disappointing for Gerry's fans especially since He was on our Graham Norton TV show earlier this year talking about the film and his accident.

    Hope you can help,


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