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  1. To my U.S GALS Sisters... don't lose faith yet. MGP is coming out in the U.K soon and the U.K GALS have picked up the baton and will carry the torch forward for you. This movie deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. So many people involved, especially Gerry have put their heart and soul into it. Us GALS have done all we can to get it screened to as many people as possible. I have no idea what has gone wrong in the U.S publicity-wise but I was so full of hope after TIFF and all the positive reviews it received. I have never felt so passionate about a film I haven't even seen yet,
  2. Hi, Moira,I have heard MGP is being shown in the UK Cineworld chain of cinemas from 4th November 2011 - will you be able to see it? I intend to see it in my local Glasgow cineworld where 'LAC's premiere was shown in November 2009. I havent seen any advertising for the film here either, have you? It seems disappointing and the London private Bafta screening last month wasnt reported in our Press either. I would imagine though that it will do well on DVD when it comes out and in the meantime as you say I hope it gets legs. cheers, Mirin
  3. Isnt Relativity Gerry's good friend Ryan Kavanaugh's company - he attended his wedding in Capri earlier this year? I was hoping that would help to get them more behind this film mirin
  4. These are great pictures, Moira, and a fascinating article. Gerry is such a wonderful mix -looking really mature and all male - yet still full of naughty mischief at times and also completely dedicated to his craft and doing his best in whatever role he tackles next. Such a contrast to some of the smooth faced and at times boring actors out there, thanks for this post, Mirin
  5. Maybe just having a quick pit stop before going home to the family! As Frisby said- maybe also recording a few interviews for MGP and Coriolanus! xx Much as I have enjoyed all the interviews and pics recently, I'm kinda hoping he will be going home to Scotland for a rest. He must be exhausted poor love. He looked like he could barely stand up in the video after the Howard Stern interview! Hi, Where can I see the Howard Stern Interview video? Mirin Hi, Where can I see the Howard Stern Interview video? Mirin
  6. The IMDB page I am looking at says 20th January 2012 for UK release,Mirin
  7. Gerry looks wonderful, relaxed and having a good time. I wonder who the pretty blonde with him on the beach is? Mirin
  8. Wonderful poster!! Whet's your appetite for the film, Go Gerry! Mirin
  9. Well, after seeing the Celtic soccer photos, it was so lovely to see that Gerry looks great and is obviously very fit as no one could play for 70 minutes in a hard game like that if he wasnt well. Also the photos of him back in his own city and so thrilled to play for his beloved Celtic showed him so happy and relaxed. He was so enjoying the whole experiance and seeing old friends again like Billy Connelly - I would love to have heard their backchat! Cheers, Mirin
  10. I think what I miss most from these HFPA photos is even just one of Gerry with that wide heartstopping smile and a twinkle in his eyes. I dont worry so much about him being slim, but there seems to be a lack of sparkle in his facial expressions. I understand that it was a serious occasion and acting a bit goofy or mischievous wouldnt have been appropriate, but a lovely warm smile would have been so welcome - I think that is what is concerning some of us. I seem to remember Gerry carrying extra weight back around 2007/2008 when he filmed 'Nim's Island','RocknRolla', 'Gamer' and 'The Ugly
  11. Hi Moira, Glasgow would be a great choice, we will just have to be patient and wait and see! I was a bit worried when I read somewhere that MGP was only being released in New York and Los Angeles screens with a limited roll out from there, as I was afraid I wouldnt get the chance to see it on the big screen. Roll on November! Cheers, Mirin
  12. Where are these recent photos of Gerry smoking? I didnt see any of them. Also where did he talk about it being because of stress? I must have missed all of this, Cheers, Mirin
  13. Gerry is looking great and I am guessing he will have this open air look for 'Mavericks'? The press make me laugh when they comment on his scruffy,bearded look - for goodness sake he is on the beach surfing, relaxing and practising for his next movie role. Do they really expect him to be dressed up to the nines every time he goes out? I am just looking forward to the photos we are hoping for from Ischia when he is given his award - I wonder how he will tame his beautiful, thick curls then! And he will be as gorgeous as ever in his well tailored look. Cheers, mirin
  14. These pictures of Gerry on the Malibu beach are wonderful and he seems to be enjoying the sand and surf so much - in spite of the paparazzi! He looks incredible and when he goofs around in the blue trunks, he is mischief personnified. All this time in the sea in Hawaii and now Malibu must be setting him up nicely for the 'Mavericks' movie. Now I am looking forward to some gorgeous pictures from the Ischia Film Festival when he is dressed to the nines to accept his 'Best Actor' award! Well done,Gerry, Mirin
  15. Hi Stacey just a fun observation - never spell Scotch whisky with an e! Irish, US and any others are spelt whiskey, but Scotch is always whisky! Cheers, Mirin
  16. Thanks for the greeting, I enjoy checking out this forum of Gerry fans and also the GB Net fansite too! Its great to keep in touch and exchange comments and the latest news/photos etc of him.Looking forward to seeing his next films when they are released,


  17. quote name='framolamdu' date='21 June 2011 - 10:57 AM' timestamp='1308679040' post='1472865'] GERARD BUTLER WILL BE BACK FOR ISCHIA GLOBAL, JULY 10 – 17. THE SCOTTISH ACTOR WILL RECEIVE THE "ACTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD" AT THE SUMMER's HOTTEST FILM FEST Source This is wonderful news, Moira, thanks so much for being so quick to let us know! This is also before his 'Coriolanus' and 'Machine Gun Preacher' have even been released and there have been very positive vibes coming out about them. I hope this gives him a break from some of the nastier 'critics' who seem constantly to concentrate on
  18. Can anyone tell me who Freddie is? Is it another of hie friends? Mirin
  19. So glad you got the payment you needed and the generosity of the Gals came through in time. Cheers and many congratulations! Am looking forward to continuing to enjoy this wonderful Gerry site and all the Gals community! Mirin
  20. Hi Moira, Have you seen any of the L'Oreal advert's with Gerry on our British television? Have I missed them or are they just being shown on the Continent? It is a bit frustrating but at least we get to watch them here on the website and the latest behind the scenes one is the best yet! Thanks a bunch for posting it here. He gets better and better. I just missed out on seeing him while he was out and about on the streets of Glasgow around Christmas and I was at The Scottish ballet's Cinderella performance the day after he had attended it. I chatted to one of the usherettes who showed him
  21. Hi, Remember he sang it in 'P.S. I Love You' in the bar just before Holly sang and had her fall? I also remember reading that he and other cast members sang it in Iceland while he was filming 'Beowulf and Grendel' It seems to be one of his favourites! Cheers, Mirin
  22. Many congratulations to Gals and the tireless MODS on the 5th Anniversary of this wonderful site. It is terrific to be able to come on here and meet other fans and admirers of our wonderful Gerry. Thank you so much for all the information and photos about him and here's hoping the next 5 years fly by just as fast as his career continues to forge ahead. much love to you all, Mirin
  23. Hi, Frannie,where does your avatar(?) of Gerry come from with him laughing? Is it from an interview or press appearance? I dont remember ever seeing it and would love to do so. Mirin
  24. Hi Becozy, I just saw your Mod Squad avatar with Gerry walking through a bar/restaurant?, stopping to have a drink and then kissing a girl and holding her face between his hands. Where did this happen,he looks totally hot!! Is it on video anywhere? It reminded me a bit of the video of him on the Santa Monica pier, kissing another girl a while back, and also with the violinist girl a few months ago. He is a real with the ladies, Mirin
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