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  1. Hi, if you want a quick look at Burns' life, check him out on Wikipedia. I got the impression from earlier remarks by Vadim and Gerry that the film would be focusing more on his days in Edinburgh after his poetry was published.He had a passionate relationship with a middle class Edinburgh widow - Agnes (Nancy) Maclehose - which was never consummated although they exchanged love letters when he broke his leg after a coaching accident and was unable to carry on visiting her.One of his loveliest love songs was written about her -'Ae Fond Kiss'.He had an affair with her maidservant which resulted
  2. Glad you found this, it's a great interview.The girl interviewer is Terry Seymour who dated Simon Cowell for about 6 years before they broke up in 2008. I have seen her interview Gerry a few times and he is always extra flirtatious with her, as he is too with Maria Menounos. Mirin
  3. Funny, I was just thinking that but from a differene perspective. He started with theatre work, working with great, well respected directors and fellow thespians, doing Shakespeare and Williams and even a film based on a Chekov play and now he is making films where he has to run through a golf course while golf ball are thrown at him for a laugh... Then again, he is famous, recognised as a "star" as opposed to an actor, he has money and property in many places, we get to have lots of DVDs and interviews with him and drool all over, so everyone's happy I guess... I'm hoping, just hoping that
  4. This link seems to be working for me: http://camarote20anos.terra.com.br/videos/...ote-19?pagina=4 I cannot access YouTube from my library computer, any chance of this video being put into the Gals Multimedia section,please Mirin
  5. Hi,Theresa, It was from a British TV series called'An Unsiutable Job For A Woman' that Gerry made around 1997/8 before he moved to the US. The series was about a female private detective played by Helen Baxendale and Gerry was in only one episode playing a philandering doctor who gets murdered - typical! You can see photos etc from it in the Gallery/Roles section. cheers, Mirin
  6. Hi there, I love these relaxed holiday photos of Gerry as well and I am interested to see your comment about his family being with him in the States this year. did you read it somewhere? I had been wondering whether his usual Christmas in Scotland had changed when I read about his various appearances in so many separate places . - Aspen on 28th December, New Year's in New York then Barbados on 3rd January. The man certainly gets around! Cheers and Happy New Year to you all, Mirin
  7. Many thanks,Moira, and also Rubee,Phoenix Girl and Jane, for your comments on the Razzies. I agree with you about many of the critics and their negative attitude and it is great that Gerry does good box office with his films usually making a profit. The excellent Banter article was more balanced near the end when they spoke about LAC and said the critics were evenly divided and the film would cause lots of discussions which is all to the good. (By the way I could imagine a naughty Gerry turning up at the Razzies - dressed to the nines - and taking the piss out of the critics!) Well done ou
  8. Hi Moira,It is wonderful news about the Variety International Man of the Year award for Gerry and the other recognition and attention he has been given this year. However did you by any chance read an article in Sunday's Herald by a Brian Pendreigh saying a lot of acerbic critics were trying to promote him for the Razzie's Award for bad performances,movies in 2009? Does anyone in our group know anything about the Razzies - are they tongue in cheek or can they be taken seriously? A lot of the critics who gave bad reviews seemed annoyed that the public went along anyway to see the films for them
  9. He gets it ... and it's wonderful. That article was a breath of fresh air ... just a good article about his career and some of what goes through his head. Thanks, Swannie. Where did you manage to get hold of your avatar with Gerry in black and with wings behind him?I have been looking for a picture of him with wings ever since I saw 'Gamer Mirin
  10. Thanks for letting us know. I saw a trailer as well but it didnt specify which of this week's shows Gerry would be appearing on and so I was prepared to tape each one in case I missed him!!By the way did you get to shake his hand or get a hug at Glasgow's LAC premiere last Sunday? I was near some ladies from Team England and this is the first time I have seen him in the flesh - wonderful experience! cheers, Mirin
  11. I received my copy from Amazon a few days ago and it is terrific to watch it as often as I like!I also love the special features and the extra and deleted scenes. It is also entertaining to hear the Robert Luketic commentary and how he is so complimentary about Gerry's performance. He loved the chemistry between the two leads and when watching the Salsa dance sequence he said our man really knows how to hold a woman! The cast also remarked 'the guy from '300' - who knew? Mirin
  12. Just wanted to ask, where did you get your siggy with Gerry and Katherine in bed as I dont remeber that part from the film? Is it on the DVD with deleted or extra scenes? Also the avatar of Gerry doing Abby's 'happy dance'? They look terrific! Mirin
  13. Jo Jo (and also Moira) where did you manage to see 'Law Abiding Citizen', as it isnt due for UK release until 27th November. Also it says you are from Aberdeenshire and Moira from Fife. Are you still there or have you moved elsewhere? I am from East Kilbride and hope to get into Glasgow for the premiere on Sunday at Cineworld. Cheers, Mirin
  14. In the programme for the stage Coriolanus that Gerry was in he is only mentioned as one of the Ensemble cast so he didnt have a leading part. Of course this makes sense as it was his very first professional role and then he got the lead of Renton in his next stage play - Trainspotting/ which Ewan Macgregor played in the film. He has climbed since then! Well done,Gerry! Mirin
  15. I despair at times at many critics' severe criticisms of several of Gerry's movies in spite thankfully of popular rections from audiences. It seems that no matter what genre he tackles and how well he nails the different characters they just dont seem to give him credit for his ability and courage in tackling the variety he does. Thank goodness for the internet which provides so many other avenues for word about films to get out there. We had even '300' panned by some for its perceived politics or too much shouting etc! P.S.I love you' some hated and didnt like Hilary Swank being in a ro
  16. Hi there, There are quite a lot of photos from 'Gamer' around but one I havent seen anywhere is the great billboard one of Kable as the 'Fallen Angel' complete with wings. Has anyone seen this picture or is there any chance one of our clever fans can put one in the Gallery? Much appreciated, Mirin
  17. Good to hear you again Swansong. I almost have 'that' article ready that we discussed; I've been too busy writing a play and a comedy show for a comedian. It's reached the top of my list again.I believe it's great we don't all like the same movies. We wouldn't be able to debate them otherwise. I've seen movies this year that I enjoyed, but the critics panned and vice versa. Your guy, well not yours personally, deserves better and I'm worried that he's just saying yes to anything. While I can appreciate that everyone has different tastes in films, I certainly would never think for one secon
  18. Thanks, Hobbes, I'll watch out for it. In the meantime the Spanish ones just added to the Gallery are terrific!!! Mirin
  19. Hi there, I read in one post (cant find it again) about a new photo of Gerry sitting in a white chair and looking terrific in black jeans and top. Has anyone seen it and where can I find it - please,please,please? Mirin
  20. The soundtrack may be okay, but I still wish Lakeshore would bring out a CD like the 'P.S.I love You' 'Rocknrolla' and 'Dear Frankie' ones that contained the mix of great songs and tunes done by various artists in the films. I am sure a CD like that would be snapped up by the millions who saw and loved 'The Ugly Truth'. Mirin
  21. Does anyone know if Tonya is still part of Gerry's Team? I havent heard anything about her for a while. Mirin
  22. Hi there, Do we have a video in Multimedia of Gerry's Family members on the red carpet in London, and if so, where can I find it? Cheers, Mirin
  23. I agree about the bad reviews from some critics - one even compared TUT with The Antichrist as being the worst film of 2009 so far!! What on earth kind of film were they expecting from a sexy comedy? Mirin
  24. Thanks everyone for the guides to the videos I hope perhaps some clever person can make photos out of them. I cannot get access to You Tube so I will try and find them in the Multimedia section, Cheers, Mirin
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