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  1. I've not seen "An Unsuitable..." so I won't vote to off that one yet. I vote 1. Cassius 2. Yasha, even though he's a naughty one and I do like the naughty ones. Cheers, Sadie
  2. I vote Cassius and Sea Captain off this week. Might have felt differently had Cassius been in a movie-length feature. Sea Captain is haunted and animated. I think it's hard for him to hold his weight against the other characters. Sadie
  3. OK. I don't play games online, but this looks like fun. And the directions are not complicated. My vote to send home are the easy ones on the list: Chaum (spritely and unique, but let's face it a bit weird) and Lead Seaman (I think of Galaxy Quest and what the extra says about being a character without a name--you're one of the first to go--so yes, I vote to send the Lead Seaman home from Tomorrow Never Dies). Sadie
  4. I'm sad to hear you've not been feeling well. I hope your situation improves soon. I'm pleased that you went out and got Ghost Song and will be anxious to know what you think! Get well!!! Cheers, Sadie

  5. Just Published GHOST SONG

  6. Frannie, How are you doing?

  7. Dayna, I just published a modern adaptation of the Phantom story. The title is Ghost Song. Is it possible to have this title added to the list of my novels on the boutique page? I appreciate it! Thanks much, Sadie Montgomery

  8. Anya, I'm thrilled. Thanks so much for letting me know! :) Don't hesitate to contact me. I love the positive feedback. Sadie

  9. Suzie, How are you? I've not heard from you for a while. Hugs, Sadie

  10. Anya, If you hadn't found them at iUniverse, I would have been really, really upset with them since they are after all the publisher with whom I've been working. So I'm glad you had no problem finding them. Thanks for your encouragement. It's such a thrill to know someone's interested in my "stuff." :)

  11. You can order them for the kindle at Amazon. They are supposed to be available as ebooks at other places as well, but I'm a bit fuzzy about this. Certainly iUniverse.com offers an ebook version--they are the publishers. :)

  12. Yep, Anya, I'm here and on facebook but I don't hang around here much. How are you? Did you hear about my non-Phantom romance, Love's Apprentice? It's a period piece with a tormented hero and a lively heroine who writes romance novels. :)

  13. How awful. I hadn't heard about the accident. Thank goodness he's OK. I suppose he deserves to lie back and soak it for what it's worth. I can't wait to see Coriolanus. Sadie
  14. Yes, I have a profile on facebook. All you should need to do is do a search for me--Sadie Montgomery. I also started a group page for my Phoenix novels, but nothing much is happening there. But I'd love for you join both. What's your name at facebook?

  15. I'm so glad to know that you are enjoying my Phantom series! There are six books in all. I love getting feedback. Don't hesitate to drop me a line. :) Sadie

  16. Dayna, I'm thrilled that Love's Apprentice was added to the boutique page! But I noticed that my 6th Phantom novel, Phantom Murder, fell off the list. If it's possible, could you help me get Phantom Murder added to the end of the list of Phantom novel? I pm-ed becozy, too. Thanks, Sadie (Montgomery)

  17. Barbara, Can you add Phantom Murder to the boutique page? I don't know if I forgot to ask that it be put on when it came out last year or if it fell off because of space concerns. Thanks for adding Love's Apprentice! Sadie :) Montgomery

  18. Angel, Did you ever check out my Phantom series? Just curious.

  19. thanks for the happy birthday!

  20. I agree with Moira. I'm glad to see Gerry branching out into other phases of the business. I would hope that we'll continue to see him on the acting side of the camera as well. But it would not be a bad thing if he got to be very picky about the roles he did. This past year must have been exhausting for him. I respect him as an actor, but acting is a profession that demands that the actor grow and change. I think (hope) we'll continue to see him, even if less frequently. Sadie Montgomery
  21. There are six novels in the series, the first of which is The Phoenix of the Opera. The story starts when the Phantom disappears through the broken mirror. I've had great responses from many of the Gals here and at other sites. The list of the novels can be found at my website. http://sites.google.com/site/mssadiemontgomery/home I hope you might be interested. Sadie Montgomery

  22. Angel, Do you know my phantom series?

  23. Hi, I'm doing well. How are you? Are you new at the site?

  24. Just wanted to let you know that the sixth one is out in The Phoenix of the Opera series. If you have a chance, join my group page at Facebook. It's Sadie Montgomery The Phoenix of the Opera series.

    Cheers, Sadie

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