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    I’m Italian, love to cook (Gerry, my eggplant parm is to die for...) Love spending time with my friends both here and abroad. Love making new friends (GALS!) I'm big on learning languages - I speak Spanish, am learning Italian and have a smattering of Arabic, French, Latin (well, the nuns "make you" learn it) Florence, Rome, Manhattan, London, Madrid are my favorite cities. I cannot live without music - any kind. I love my 2 Sphynx. Authors - Michener, Robt. E. Howard and anything on holistics and other cultures. A Sci-Fi aficionado - “Farscape” is my fav (but I’ll always be a Trekkie at heart!) Frequent Ren Faires in period costume. Four-wheeling in the NJ Pine Barrens, live concerts. Tarp camping – really romantic when done with someone who knows what they’re doing (Gerry.) Dancing, dancing - love to dance and do so whenever I can find a good partner. Clumsy and not mechanically inclined - I need a boo-boo kisser (Gerry, can you come over? I seem to have hurt my lip...) Great restaurants with lots of atmosphere. Ethnic cuisines, antiques, B&Bs, the Smithsonian, sculpture, volleyball, IMAX theatres, crafts, inline skating. I'm someone's needlecrafts "guru." Can you say Turkey Tufting?! Snuggling (with Gerry.) Passionate, "proper snogs" until I can't breathe… My ideal man is mix of Eroll Flynn (my first love), Gerard Butler, Antonio Banderas.

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  1. I see you put a Tarkan avatar!

    How do you know him? He is our pop star in Türkiye. I love both Ger and Tarkan so much!

    I just want to say hi to you!



  2. Jobella - Sophia's beautiful - enjoy her. Sybil, we've not met before, but my deepest sympathies for your mom and strength to those of you who have to carry on. W-Angel - looks like you had Nerdy fun, girl! DonnaK - did you read my post about running headlong into the parked truck of 2x4s - I can empathize/sympathize - I been there! Anna - the "decorations" are, as always, phenominal... Gals, please forgive me for placing this note in this thread, but I wanted to be sure you all saw it. My company institutes an extremely strict email policy - a la "Big Brother" - tomorrow and I will no longer be able to post while at work, but I will still be able to "lurk" - not exactly my idea of the way it should be. Work just gets SOOOOOO in the way of my social life! Other commitments in the evening may shorten my time on the boards, but I'll chime in whenever I get the chance. I just didn't want you all to think, where'd she go? I'll still be here, but in an abbreviated version until my schedule cleans up. But I DO want to thank you all for welcoming me and letting me bounce around this wonderful Gerry world with you. Have THE VERY BEST TIME IN VEGAS!! Keep Lisa from going into a coma - you know she's prone. And make sure you say hi to "lugerry" (Barbara) and include her in on all the fun (so she can fill me in when she gets back - she lives near me!) Sue & Dan - my hopes and prayers for a better than expected outcome tomorrow. You can bet I'll be looking for news of you in "lurk mode." And Gerry, love you - Always have; Always will. As for that damn ignorant video - "Non Illegitimi Carborundum." Ask P-girl/Lisa - I taught her what it means... Barb
  3. TOLDJA SHE WAS COMATOSE! AND I QUOTE MYSELF, POST #47 "Lisa is comatose, trust me... Come on back down to earth Li, come on... No dying today - too much Gerry to live for" I NEVER lie...
  4. Lisa is comatose, trust me... Come on back down to earth Li, come on... No dying today - too much Gerry to live for
  5. I just IM'd Lisa exactly that - that shot is...OMG, just too hot.
  6. I love Maui and have been many times. Tahiti HAS TO BE 100 times better. More remote, more hidden coves and quiet beaches... deeper, greener jungles... A new culture to discover, different foods and customs, more chances to interact with and gain new Tahitian friends.... A slower pace, wearing a different pareo in bright colors every day... flowers in your hair that carry the scent of heaven. Smiling into each other's eyes - knowing there's no interruptions at any time.... Laughing in the surf, talking in whispers even though no one's around, he silly-sings to you to make you giggle..... Behind you, pressed close, his hands around your waist as you watch astounding sunsets, sleeping as two spoons - with his arm thrown over your hip. Waking up every morning to a heady, deep, passionate kiss that makes you late for breakfast. Oh, I thought that was breakfast.... lunch, dinner You get the idea(s)....
  7. Hey, Frannie - better to have fallen out of the truck..... than to have RUN FULL SPEED WITH YOUr HEAD DOWN AND LOOKED UP AT THE LAST MINUTE TO SEE THE PARKED TRUCK JUST BEFORE YOU SLAMMED INTO IT. Oh, yes, I did just that. The left side of my face looked JUST like Erik's - I am dead serious - then it turned B/B and scabbed over. How stupid did I fee?? Throw me on the dance floor and I can win the crowd and contest. Throw me at a truck and I'm a dorkette!! Cassie, look at lots of Gerry pix and you'll get better quick! Susan, I'll be rooting for you gal! And start dancing in Vegas - guaranteed to make you sweat, have fun and lose a bit of the weight! Babs
  9. Helena, girl, loved the Shakespeare connection and Def L was awesome as well!! LOL Babs
  10. Trying to FORGET the Funky Chicken....... a whole different meaning in the over 18 threads LOLOLOL How about the Boogaloo, the Swim, the Froog, the Hanky Panky, the Freddie!!!! OMG, am I showing my age, or what???When I was at Penn State - mid-seventies - I and my partner taught all the latest disco dances at what we called "Free University" - classes students could go to for free, just for fun, while they were taking real classes. We had the largest class in the history if the school - 400 people/200 couples. We were stunned, but everyone couldn't stop talking about it. Those were the days.... sigh
  11. Moira, I want pix of all the girls in Vegas doing that dance to Shake Your Groove Thing
  12. "I think some stories should be left to stand alone. I mean they talked about a 300 sequel! Um hello they died! In films sequels are pushed when the first film does well and the studio wants a sure thing. And more times than not it's contrived to recreate authentic moments from the original." Ok, here I am to cause havoc.... What about a 300 "prequel"? Now there's a thought (maybe mine only, but I'd be in Spartan Heaven!) And it's do-able! But, alas, Gerry swears he'll never do that workout prep again - sigh... Lisa, Moira - Love the G.I.T.S. idea! I'll take a 1st class ticket, please... Barb
  13. Congratulations Marc & Jenn and brand new BAAAAAABY!! Barb
  14. VERY CLASSY INDEED !!! DLSPBS - PAT NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT!! Imagine doing that with Gerry Barb
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