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  1. is on a gerry juice over load. how pleasurable.

  2. Your inbox is full...lol

  3. Thank you! I Love your siggy as well :]

  4. Welcome to GALs. I hope they get you're name fixed. I know you don't want to be a GAL for too long!

  5. It was an interview they did in the UK. She brought him a cupcake :)

  6. Happy Galsaversary.

  7. You're welcome :) And thank you. You and a few others have made this site like home to me.

  8. Yes, it was me. I feel so mean because I haven't been on regularly in a long time, but graduating from college and working has really taken up all my time! Once I'm back in graduate school I think I'll be able to lurk more steadily! I hope you're so well!!!

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