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  1. Man, he's beautiful. LOVE the clean shaven look. Thanks Barb. I love how much he loves art. He's so smart.
  2. You're welcome :) And thank you. You and a few others have made this site like home to me.

  3. Happy Galsaversary.

  4. Well hello there Mr. Butler's chest hair I wonder what he's in Paris for? Thanks Holly! MGP next week
  5. MADE MY DAY THANK YOU! He'll be an amazing father. I love when he says; "And he's so sincere" ADORABLE!
  6. He looks more than amazing So relaxed and laughing. Do I see ? Thanks Barb. He really seems to be having fun.
  7. http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/partiesetc/APJ_Cannes_52010/APJ+Cannes_14.jpg.html Thanks ladies. That smile is killing me.
  8. THE HAIR And the suit You can still see the red in his beard I wonder if he'll wear that suit to the APJ event. He looks fantastic. JustJared has pics now too. I love he kept the jewelry.
  9. I knew he'd be there too. I remember he did an interview with Zack Snyder saying he wasn't a big fan of the actual festival. For Cinemax, I think. Hopefully he just had to endure the charity event. Thanks Barb He looks fantastic. He can share rock a v-neck.
  10. From Red Bull's site Same one, but without a watermark. I LOVE the blue on him.
  11. That beard and that jacket Thanks ladies. Darn, those watermarks over his beautiful face.
  12. Oooh. Where did you hear that? Online it says the race is the 16th, is Monacco that far ahead? In time I mean
  13. So is he there just relaxing or for filming? He looks great on the boat In the Colorado shirt, he loves it I love his legs. I hate the rumors following his time filming though. Thanks for the find Cheryl.
  14. OMG! OMG! OMG! I wish I had money. This is the greatest thing ever.
  15. Awesome. Thanks ladies. He looks great. Alan is there too
  16. He makes sweaty beautiful. Thanks Barb.
  17. So glad he's enjoying himself. He LOVES cities and traveling. http://www.gbgalsgallery.com/v/partiesetc/serbia/100430-MO-15.jpg.html OMG He's beautiful and can't get off that phone
  18. OH MY GOD! You have no idea what Gerry with tattoos is doing to me right now! Looking great!
  19. Aw, Sue I can see him saying that. He is so masculine, but has that layer of boyishness I LOVE IT.
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