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  1. Be grateful you didn't have GALS in early 06. We went for months (aka the Great Drought) without new pics while he was filming for 300. I remember the day we FINALLY got a new pic. In hindsight, it wasn't all that great, but you couldn't have convinced us of that at the time! (The fact that it's 4 years later and I remember the occasion and the image should tell you something... ) I WOULD DIE You're welcome ladies.
  2. I have a Wireimages account so that is where they are from.I haven't seen them yet. They're welcome to upload any they want Ladies, you're welcome. That is all my picture finding tonight. I have a horrible headache and have to hit the bed early! And yes his hair is divine. I'm sure men wish they could keep that thick of hair at his age!! Just gorgeous and he looks great in that color, it does well on him! It looks like the suit he wore to the Buffalo Club for the GG party. I think the shirt is new though. And he just does get better every time we see him.
  3. I'm guessing 23ish to 43ish. Probably twenty years difference at the most. He looks delicious.
  4. He does look a little sleepy. He doesn't even rest on his "vacation" But he looks great. I love how fast his hair grows! I must say Gerry knocks all of those men out of the park. Not even in the same league.
  5. You're welcome. Gettyimages has some more up with him and Terrell Owens. I'm sure we'll get TONS more in the gallery once they pour in. OMGOMGOMG My dream has come true. Gerry and Nathan next to each other. SO CLOSE TOGETHER Look at that face
  6. OMG NATHAN FILLION is there too. If they get a picture together I WILL DIE Non-watermark photos That look he is giving Two more.
  7. HOLEY SHITE. Look at him. PURE SEX And look how big his paws are on that sports guy. OMG! I have no words. He's perfect. Beyond perfection. Total CFM look right there. AND THOSE PAWS. He's even a little shorter than that guy.
  8. It's on twitter so I didn't want to post it. It's just him talking to an interviewer. He has a grayish blue blazer and a light blue dress shirt on. Buttons open of course
  9. "nearly X-rated" I WANT THIS MAGAZINE NOW!
  10. Do we know if Gerry is attending? They're in NYC tonight. Cosmo hasn't said directly whether he'd be there, but a journalist on twitter said he would. But they isn't very credible. I just wanted to see if anyone knew.
  11. I love how with all the media posting horrible crap about him you get a photographer who has actually interacted with him saying such wonderful things
  12. That's my question. Does he ever sleep??
  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE his hat and Nike's. Anyone know what's on his hat. I hope he is finally getting to Haiti and I also hope we don't see too much press about it. He should be there and be able to help without someone taking pictures of it. Oh, to see him with all the little children He's such a good man. I wonder if Gerry's ID picture is like the rest of the world's. Even the hottest man in the world probably has a typical ID mugshot picture Thanks for posting.
  14. Aww, Bailey! I went to the sight to get us some, and they don't deliver outside the UK!! Wonder if they will sell somewhere here, or if we can find black market socks, LOL!WHAT NO! I was going to buy some with my next paycheck That is horrible. I know some people in the UK who would get them and then deliver them to us. Uhm I LOVE YOU!What is it with me and men in socks. But especially with Gerry in SOCKS
  15. He shirt should have just been totally open! That was down past the pecs GORGEOUS. Thanks for posting Barb. So much flava sava in that interview Example: I really loved Gerry's reaction to Craig's; "We have a puppy"
  16. Me too Bailey......me too. Great minds think alike.
  17. They had me at Gerard Butler! Great find Barb.
  18. I'm 5 months shy of being able to enter RT @BorgataEvents Win tickets to the red carpet premiere of The Bounty Hunter in NYC w/ Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston http://ow.ly/1a1MV http://www.theborgata.com/nightlifecontest.cfm <---Where to enter. You must join website to enter.
  19. Thanks for posting Steph. I really like it.
  20. Thank you for taking the time to read it! Desire is such an instinctual emotion as is passion which is why I love it. It's so natural!
  21. Man his body is just Look at those thighs. Thanks for posting Barb. I love the blue wig
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