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  1. Oh Dear, I bet my previous message confused you. Sorry, but I thought you were one of my friends, I'd not seen on GALS in a while. Sorry, it was case of mixing up my online GALS names, and having more then one April as a friend. I did find my friend! LOL

    I still do wish you best with your writing and publishing. Good Luck on all your doing. Linda (beachie)

  2. Wow, April, I found you at last. Been missing you. Glad to know your writing is getting published. Wishing you best. {{Hugs}} BTW, love the new GALS Name!

  3. Which mundane job would you do WITH Gerry? Dishes Yard work (raking , mowing, etc.) House cleaning (dusting, vacuuming, etc.) Work on the car Wash the car Doing the laundry Putting together a piece of furniture Putting up wallpaper Cooking a meal Grocery shopping I started laughing when I read this. Yard Work is something I usually do alone because it's relaxing to me and so I tend to get upset if my husband weedwacks my flowers down or don't mow in a straight line. I'm a bit picky when it comes to my yard and garden. I like to mow designs in the lawn
  4. Try To Find Your Place Step silently into the mist See what you've become. Know nothing that you see Can ever be undone. Moments will surprise Bring you to your knees. Like each blade of grass Each moment starts there At your feet. Keep the shadows at your back. The sunlight on your face. Know that every moment Is yours to put in place. Life is one big puzzle It's magical a maze. We grow we learn Keep moving forward Try to find our place. Stumble if we must To learn in time we do Just how important Everything is we say and do. When the hour runs late Lay your head upon
  5. Well Gerry my days here at gals are numbered. I've enjoyed meeting some great gals. I've had fun posting some fan fiction and even had great laughs. But, life as we know it never stops and I'm becoming quite busy. Of course if I want any Gerry news I'll jump right in here. Hopefully from time to time I'll be able to give the gals a shout out. Wishing you all the best and as always: " Safe Journey"
  6. This is one subject I feel strongly about. So much so that my heart aches and my soul beckon to god. So many in the world don't have shelter, nothing but the clothes on their backs and a hungry inside. The Angel Within If I could have one wish I'd dry your tears tonight. If I could have one hope I'd keep you warm tonight. Sleep with me, there at your side. And know that god has not forsaken you, tonight. In your eyes I see the light In your heart I see the fight. In your soul I feel your soul reach to me, tonight. If I could have one wish I'd keep you warm tonight. If I could
  7. Thirty Nine years ago The sun shined The waters ran And the seas were kept at bay. A birth occurred of a baby boy Who would soon have hearts swept away. To look in his eyes You would not know His words would be sharp That his heart would be kind Or that he would have many a journey In his days. The child would sleep Grow from boy to man Learning along the way. Thirty Nine years ago The sun shined The waters ran And the seas were kept at bay. To look in his eyes You would see a man With a boyish heart ready to play. His journey has only yet begun With only thirty nine pe
  8. Your not early at all. Everyone else is late! I actually just started our decorating this weekend. Though I don't decorate by room themes. I pick a color theme each year. This year we're doing green slimmers and gold. And keep with a nature look of candles, pine cones and leafs. I have a rule each year. All my christmas cards are done and post marked before Thanksgiving. So if there's a gal here who would like to do a Gals Christmas card exchange Look for a thread to be starting soon. I can't wait to see your pictures.
  9. I have to tell you this. I love watching the travel channel. They have been doing a series on England, France, Italy and tonight was Ireland. They show you the beautiful landscape and old castles (Of course that's why I like it!) Even talk about the food and making wine. Well back to tonights laugh. They were talking about Ireland and I was listening to the tour guide specialist who was of course talking with an Irish accent and I was thinking and listening and I couldn't help myself I just started copying him. Everyone is laughing and I'm really starting to get into it. Trying to figure ou
  10. The good news is I found a place that it is showing. The bad news is, it's playing at this very moment. That's okay it would have been a drive. I did a search for the full month of Nov. any there is no other showing listed as of yet in the surrounding area. With a little luck maybe it will still come to town or the surrounding area. If not it looks like I'll be waiting for the DVD. Bummer................
  11. Don't tell me it's not coming to the area? You gals really got me wanting to see it. What the hell kind of sentence is that? ^ I can't even think straight now.................. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm going to do a search in the area, I have too. I can't take it anymore.
  12. My daughter went on a field trip to Philly for her US Cultures Class. She says, if you want to go mom I'll show you all the cool places and maybe we'll run into him. I thought that was so cute! She's starting those teen years. I'm surprised she wants anything to do with mom now.
  13. I could make him a scarf! But my ignorance of Gerry has gotten the better of me. I don't know his favorite color!
  14. Okay who's the luckiest gal here? Who's right in Philly?
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