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  1. Thanks, Holly, for helping me understand that difference. I can't do anything right now...but I think I can help out some in a couple of weeks.
  2. Seems like I buy enough stuff on amazon that we shouldn't be having this problem! <grin> But that goes to Rising Phoenix....is that the same?
  3. With all the stuff I buy on Amazon...but that goes to Rising Phoenix...is that the same?
  4. Having a great time in Ireland! I vote that Milo and Archie go home. Thanks Elissa!
  5. I would like to nominate Milo and Archie this week. We're in Ireland this week and I wanted to be sure that I got my vote in.
  6. I'm gonna go with my picks from last week: Charles Bellamy and Jackie Junior. Bye-bye!
  7. I agree with discovering me....Charles Bellamy and Jackie Junior need to be gone!
  8. This week I vote we send home: Cassius and Chris Kumac Cassius is the role that really never was...but I wish could have been! Chris...I just don't think there was enough time to form a bond with the character.
  9. I think I missed it again this week....busy at work and babysitting. My son got married last weekend and we've been watching my 6 year old grandson. I would have voted for Burke (I actually own that movie...only one of Gerry's I've only watched once!) and The Sea Captain. Guess I'll have to wait and see who gets booted off and try to get to it next week! Hope those who were able to attend Vegas had a great time....I'm sure you did!
  10. Woo hoo! Congratulations to Mike! Thank you, Elissa, for making all this possible! And thanks for talking me into taking part! Looking forward to the upcoming game!
  11. Well...I may as well wade in here for the end of this one....I think Sam needs to go home! Sorry, Sam! Mike is just a touch less intense, but I think he deserves some recognition for being the only non-animated Gerry character to get a sequel! After all, Stoick earned that title before Mike did. But since Stoick has already been voted off...it's Mike's turn to be the survivor!
  12. Just sent an additional donation! We should have enough very soon!
  13. Hey there! Just sent something via Paypal.
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