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  1. that's a great pix! I think Gerry will be teriffic in the part...can't wait for this one!!!
  2. I could move in there tomorrow and be happy What surprised me was that it's 2 floors and looks like there is a balcony...didn't know that before. Thank you AD.!!
  3. I'm not crazy about the cover but the inside pictures are to drool for.Saw him at the BH premier and he's way more better looking in person
  4. I could look at the Gallery pix all night..they'er fantastic! Great job Gals.!!!
  5. thanks for great pix, especially since we can't get the awards tonight on the channel we'd be normally watching it on!!
  6. I can't wait to see this movie! I watched one of the car scenes when it was shot on Long Island and met Gerry after when he poised for pix with his fans.
  7. I got my copy last week and the second time around is better then ever. Tonight my daughter & her hubby is watching it!! Celtic Star
  8. Have you noticed that Gerry's got his abs back? He's looking good in the new pix taken at the beach.
  9. The new B.H. site is teriffic! it's a definate must see!! Celtic Star
  10. This is going to be one funny movie with the two of them together! If you haven't seen gerry on the Craig Fergeson Show, go to YouTube and check them out!!! They are funny as all getout together!!
  11. That's our Scot!!!! A year ago no one had heard of Susan Boyle....even tho she has a beautiful voice Gerry has done more to put Scotland on the map then anyone else has done. he has always said he's a proud Scot and now the votes prove that!! Way to go Gerry!!
  12. Gerry tonight on ET along with other stars made a plea for Haiti to give through the Red Cross...this will probably be shown in its entirety at a later time No matter how or to whom you donate through....give. These people had so little and now have nothing Celtic Star
  13. Cosmo has the most beautiful full page pix of Gerry plus he's at the top of the Stud Meter....which guys are getting sexier by the minuet.....he's hot! hot! hot! worth every penny the mag costs...go get it! Celtic Star
  14. Haha, yeah, I do now that you mentioned it! And now I'm also wondering where Gerry's driver's license is from? Scotland? London? New York? LA? Too... many... possibilities...! Steph no matter what color they are, but I do prefer the green, way to go Gerry! And he does spend a lot of time here in N.Y......remember he has a loft in Chelsie Celtic Star
  15. when you find that calendar, PLEASE let me know! Celtic Star go get it, only a couple left. Just ordered mine! Celtic Star just ordered mine through Amazon....good ole' Amazon!
  16. Gerry has green eyes and they are "pretty" amazing! Way to go Gerry!!!!!! next year #1
  17. really nice article and lovely mentions of GBG in several places. It acknowledges that Gerry really is a nice guy at heart and down to earth, takes time for his fans and is loyal to family and country. That he's a hard worker we all know.... I would like to see Gerry find aspecial lady he could spend his life with ...I think down deep he would like to also but for now it would be nice for him to have some free time from all the paps and the stories linking him to a different beauty every other week.
  18. Way to go Gerry! We here in the States knew that all along but it's nice to be the best on both continents
  19. Gerry's beautiful green eyes do it every time. It also helps that he's multi-talented!!! Celtic Star
  20. Dear Gerry, may you have a beautiful day.....hae a wonderful canty birthday. Celtic Star
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