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  1. I can't wait to see this movie!!!! "Mrs. Brown " did nothing for me...waiting for more!
  2. Ladies, she's just showing off her Webster's! It just means that Gerry is staying away from as I read it possibly fatty foods....remember he's into healthy while Brad went for a cup of coffee.
  3. Wonderful pix Dane, thanks for sharing.... Gerry is looking better in London then he did in New York last week. Must be that London air!
  4. I've just joined and would like to find out more about the birthday bash.....where & when I noticed something somewhere about Oct. 25th...hope it's not then as I have tickets for Chris Botti on Long Island!!! HELP!!!!
  5. took me a while to understand ranking.....still a bit of a mystery Celtic Star
  6. I love the Old World look....the soft sofas, plants and add ons show both a sensitive side to Gerry while there is maleness and bravado in much of the style.....it takes a self assuredness to hang all those chandeliers while the leather says much about him...stll comfortable in himself. Great job Gerry & Elvis!!!
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