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  1. Creating more jewelry designs, and still hoping someone will notice my work...SOON!

  2. To me, fair friend, you never can be old, for as you were when first your eye I eye'd, such seems your beauty still. ~ William Shakespeare And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~ Abraham Lincoln Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio! Much love, Jen
  3. Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio! Wishing you all the happiness life can bring. Looking forward to your next flick. Keep well Gerry! Jennifer xxx
  4. I just received info about auditions and casting from one of my talent agencies. I did a little research and found this site is also looking. Anyone in the LA area might want to try out for a role, check out the link. I will try out for roles # 12, 17, & 20 but not through this agency; I don't know them. Don't know how legit they are. http://www.exploretalent.com/display_casting4.php?casting_id=731720
  5. I didn't like it at all. After watching "Wrath of Gods", I had higher expectations of the film. The script was bad, the acting was bad, and it looked like a low budget film. Modern slang was a joke. After all they went through, IMO they should have quit when the first set of mishaps/setbacks happened. Would have saved them a ton "O" cash and headaches.
  6. I just watched it yesterday. Got it on Amazon. What a nightmare shoot. I'm now anxious to watch Beowulf and Grendel, and see the final product. Great documentary. I love documentaries.
  7. I'm anxious for this to be done, and see Gerard's range. I love Shakespeare. Jen (confused by the scads of highly armoured guards; war zone or movie set)
  8. Me too! My throat was so sore from crying from this movie. Adding to seeing the movie is reading the book....I must've gone through half a box of kleenex reading the book. The book/movie is so touching because everyone has lost someone(or many people) so almost everyone can relate. I lost my beloved grandmother over three years ago to heart issues/hepatitis C/liver cancer and still feel a deeply profound sense of loss. I always feel I never told her how much I loved her enough. I so want to find a guy like Gerry Kennedy....do guys like that really exist? I haven't found one yet....Mayb
  9. The scene where Holly comes running into the bar crying to her mom, and Cathy Bates says something like, no matter what or who we're with, we're really all alone. That just killed me. I've felt alone most of my life, even when I've been in a crowd. The last scene where she reads his last letter, and P.S. I Love You starts playing. The lump in my throat is so damn big, I can barely swallow and keep myself from balling like a baby. On a good day I'll shed a tear or five, on a bad day, I'm a human water park. The ultimate cry for me, (and I HATE admitting I'm a cryer), is the last song, "
  10. 45 going on 8....my shoe size.
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