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  1. stay tuned we're working on both that and a TV show idea...

  3. Yes Nick got a chance to speak in lots of places. UCLA, USC, Harvard Law, Senate Democratic Policy committee - and a separate bipartisan screening on Capitol Hill (not to mention all the TV stuff - ABC, NBC, Fox, Al Jazeera) and Mr. Butler's voice usually preceeded me as they would run a clip of the film before the interviews... anyway - there are trailers on the website for those who haven't seen them already. Thanks for all the support guys Nick
  4. Ok. So I haven't read the forums (fora ???) in a while - I get my updates on our favorite scotsman either from him directly or from a few of the keener fans who send me messages when he does important things....like gets up in the morning or puts on a new item of clothing Jokes aside - I have a favor to ask. Oh btw - I am the director and writer of Shadow Company. I have met some of you in person at the various Shadow Company screenings (or even at the last CUT 2008) - I am sure I will meet more of you at next years CUT. I have enjoyed the support of Gerry's vocal fans since some bright
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