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  1. LOL Love what he says about swearing!!! Gerry, you're the best!
  2. I loved reading this interview. It was both funny and touching. No other actors ever had this effect on me before. I love his sincerity. One of my favorite parts in this interview has to be the one where he recounts how he got his very first role, and how excited he was then. It just brought me to tears. After all he had been through, his dream finally came true. He deserves the success and the life he has now. Love you so much Gerry.
  3. Thanks for the video! Great trailer! Especially the second half, with Natasha Bedingfield's song. I love this song. I love Mike and Abby's look in the hot air balloon scene, at the end of the trailer.
  4. I love the "I know how to flirt" clip. Just love their chemistry here.
  5. I just love the way he says "desperately asking me if you sound desperate?!" It makes me laugh every time I watch it. Gerry will have loads of memorable lines in this movie! I love this clip. My fav of the three so far is the restaurant clip, but the two others are amazing too! I just love the chemistry between Mike & Abby. And we know how important it is, especially in a rom-com. If the two main characters have no chemistry at all, even if the script is good, it'll turn out to be downright boring. But if there's chemistry, it can add so much to the story! And you can definitely fee
  6. Is it normal that I started my countdown 6 months ago? Yeah, I know... I'm crazy... I just can't wait for this movie to come out. Me too, it will be my first Gerry movie in a theater.
  7. OH MY GOD I almost had a heart attack. lol. The second trailer is AWESOME!!! Thank you for the links!!!! :drool1: :drool1: Gosh.... I have to watch it again... lol
  8. I love that grumpy face that he makes on some pictures. It's cute. lol. Makes me want to hug him.
  9. Well, that is one big health problem these days, isn´t it? Lots of people are overweight. It's not a matter of knowing whether or not there are overweight people these days. We're talking about Gerry here. And Gerry is NOT overweight. Take a dictionary and look at the definition of this word, then look at Gerry's recent pictures, and if you still think he's overweight, there's nothing I can do for you... That was my last post in this topic. I'm done with this pointless conversation. I won't make you change your mind and you won't make me change my mind either. As others said, Gerry's beau
  10. This white coat suits him well. Thanks for the new pics Moira. Aww... his eyes on the first picture....
  11. Not yet, but if he does not take a grip now, he will soon, because he is going into that direction quickly, in my opinion. In some point "looking healthy" turns into "looking very unhealthy", LOL. Gerard was a manly man in DF and as Terry Sheridan and his weight for a person of his height was okay there. These days he looks overweight. Well... if you think Gerry looks overweight, a lot of people would look overweight... I thought you just didn't like the fact that he looks bulky. Bulky doesn't mean overweight. To me, he doesn't fit in the "overweight" category, according to my definition
  12. Well, he is entitled to be tired and bored isn't he? After all it is tiring to shoot the same scenes over and over again. I admire bulky arms, chests, etc; it is very manly and sexy. He looks happy and healthy and in his element. I love these pictures because you can see the real Gerr. It is absolutely cute! I agree with Andrea. Gerry is a manly man. Nothing wrong about that. And I don't think he looks like a dinosaur or has a 10 years older looking face! Gosh... he just looks amazing in those pics. Love ya Gerry. Love bulky arms
  13. Hey, I just read on TUT's facebook page that some fans saw a 5-minute tailer on TV2nite. Is that true? Anyone here saw it too? Gosh... if it's true, I soooooooo want to see it too!!! Here is the link to the facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/TheUglyTruth It's post n°10 on the page. The girl says it's a 5-minute trailer.
  14. Gosh! I'm at a loss for words. Look at his biceps on this pic! : http://justjared.buzznet.com/gallery/photo...brooklyn-02.jpg
  15. Thanks for this interview! I'm glad he dismissed all those rumours. I just wish there were no rumours at all, and nothing to dismiss. If only the media could stop printing things they know are lies... Aww! It's great to see TUT's promo has really started now. And it's only gonna get better and better until July 24th.
  16. I understand him 100%. He deserves some privacy. It doesn't sound strange to me that he declined pictures. Actually, I would have expected him to do it before. Sure we do like to have new pictures of him, but we've had plenty lately. Give him a break. He has the right to enjoy a night out without photogs. I just wonder why so many of you are disappointed or worried. It doesn't sound strange to me at all. I think we shouldn't try to interpret every single decision he takes... Just my 2 cents...
  17. He looks really good and rested. Aww... I always love it when he's wearing sunglasses. I don't know why.
  18. Wow! Those eyes are killing me! Honestly, has anyone ever seen such an intense look? It's hypnotizing.
  19. It looks amazing! Gosh! I'm even more looking forward to it now. Gerry looks hot! This picture of him shirtless is... I love it when he gets the picture of his wife and his daughter.
  20. Thanks for the news. I like the new picture. I hope we'll have more pics like that in the months to come. It makes me want more. I tried to open the page on Variety, but my Avast antivirus said there's a virus.
  21. I'm in love with this picture. This will definitely be one of the most interesting roles he's ever played.
  22. Gosh! That's good news! I had a hard time believing it when I read it. I wonder if Gerry will be involved in this as an actor or as a producer? Or maybe both. I can already see the duet Butler/Cruise. Aww... this will be a huge booster in his career, for sure. I can't wait to know more about this. But when will our man find enough time to do all those projects?! The Bounty Hunter, Burns, and now this! Gosh, I love to see him making a lot of projects.
  23. I love the new design of the site. It's fun and reeeeeeeeally naughty! lol Aww... and the gorgeous new picture of Gerry!!! I can't take my eyes off it!
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