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  1. Awesome I just hope I'm home to join in. I had fun last year. Stuart and Holly did a great job.
  2. I'm still here. Some of you have found me via Facebook or email. There has been a lot of drama going on in my life & no one to turn to. I trust very few people which includes my own dad. So while life is hectic I'm lying low & trying to get back on track & have fun in life & kick the ickiness to the curb that doesn't belong in my life to put it nicely. I usually don't get online long enough to check all of FB or Twitter. Oddly enough the easiest way to get me is via email. Cheryl has found me a few times there. I AM SAFE! I lost nothing but power last weekend. I went to Wal
  3. Hello to you too. I think you'll like Nashville. It'd be nice to have a GAL nearby.

  4. Hello...I plan on moving to Nashville in a few years once I finish school.

  5. Frannie, A really off the wall suggestions, I know it would be a long haul & well as stated...off the wall, have you thought about coming down here to Vanderbilt and have them take a good look at you? Vandy is known for it's good doctors. It's just a thought. I know it would be a very long drive and gas is expensive but I figured a plane ticket would be more expensive. Bonus though if you were to come down, maybe we could see HTTYD if it's still in theatres. That is crappy about the digestive thing. I hope there is another doc for you that'll be brilliant AND compassionate. I have digest
  6. Thanks Cheryl. I take the boot off now since it's so hot when I get home. I have to keep reminding myself to prop it. It's uncomfortable sleeping because I'm in pain and now the pain is hitting my lower back due to my hip. I haven't picked up the phone yet to get into physical therapy & I'm madder than a hatter that I can't do water aerobics just yet. I also don't think the boot is helping. Thanks Cat! Well I don't want you to have to go to any trouble with attempting to ship to the USA even with me paying you so thanks for thinking of me. I think I'm SOL unless I can get the one outside
  7. Just dropping by to say hello. I went to the orthopedic surgeon on the 24th. My right ankle has tendonitis due to the 32 inch TV falling on it back at the beginning of Feb, left hip has bruisitis & my right knee has chonodmalacia (sp?). I'm in a walking boot til April 7th and they want me to set up physical therapy for my knee & hip which I've been lazy about. I can't seem to get my hands on a TBH movie poster or HTTYD. The latter was great & I hope to take my young nephew. Hope all is well with everyone.
  8. Hello to Cheryl, Sue & Diane. *Big squishy hug to Frannie* Glad you popped in. Awesome work Susan! Wonderful GAL you are for charity! I have seen in various places that many ladies met Gerry for the first time this weekend, possibly 2nd. I'm still wishing on those stars & I think I might do daily affirmations. Hey it doesn't hurt, just putting out positive energies into the Universe. Going to HTTYD solo on Friday. Hopefully I can stay awake for a late viewing...I like kids but not during a movie, so hoping late enough will be less kiddos. Tomorrow morning I finally see an ort
  9. Congrats to the new MODS Miss you Frannie (maybe you'll see my PM when you come back) Judy- I know how divorces go so I hope your daughter gets through it all. I have no money to finalize mine & my sister left her spouse for very good reasons about a month ago. So I'm the big sis & she's the little sis & I'm helping her through hers since I've been over mine for a year and counting now. Beachie: So how did you managed the TX & TN growing up? I spent 18 yrs in TX (Dallas & Houston areas) and been in the Nashville and surrounding areas since 2002. Odd huh? *giggles* S
  10. Nicely said Delene. So is it on stands now or are we still waiting? I'll poke around when I go out today to run errands.
  11. Stopping by to say hi I've missed the W magazine so I guess I'll try to look for Men's Journal. I've been out of the loop for awhile. I feel like I need to get more Gerry movies I haven't worked on my GB scrapbook in quite some time. I need to get my new printer hooked up so I can print things off. Turns out the guy I carpool with has seen more Gerry movies than he thought he had. I still get grief over being a fan at work. My work space doesn't even have a picture of him. Haven't watched much of Gamer but glad I have it on DVD. LAC is still in it's box and still in its wrapper....o
  12. Thanks for the sweet birthday wish, Sapphy.

  13. WISHING YOU A FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day sweetie! XOXOXO

  14. Bells, Will I be able to mail him, or drop him off at the post office on Sunday the 8th? Saturday the 7th we're going to Mamma Mia! and I really want Kable to come & meet my family & enjoy a good musical. My younger sister is dying to meet him (she helped some with Scotty). But that would be at the post office kiosk & he wouldn't get on til that Monday & I know he's due to his next hostess by the 10th. It's too expensive to overnight him. Will this be ok? Steph, I told Kable & he's all smiles & glad you miss him & he misses you too.
  15. HE'S HERE!!!! Poor guy was COLD! We got some snow while I was at work but it didn't stick. We're watching Loreena McKennitt on DVD & thinking of Stephanie. Kable told me he had a BLAST with Stephanie. I told Kable that Stephanie & I have Celtic heritage & so we're thinking of her while we watch this beautiful music being performed. I'm a bit worried as he has nothing nice to wear for the theater when we got see MAMMA MIA! Any suggestions? I don't know how to sew and there aren't dolls for sale with suits. *sigh* I need to adopt a wee man of my own like Stephanie did I hope Sco
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