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  1. Truly is the most handsome and sexiest Man ever and in my book he is #1 on the list.
  2. such a beautiful interview and you can just feel the Love,Warmth he has for his family,what a Blessing.
  3. * Happy Birthday Gerard,Love you Alwaysand remember to continue to Dance as though on one is Watching,Enjoy ur special Day,.. and all 5 of your top movies listed is just part of my collections; I enjoy every movie you make, I am such a hugh fan who u are and what life means to you..
  4. I admire him for being himself and not trying to please everyone else: be yourself that's my belief also
  5. this is a great article on Gerarrd and yes he is so Talented,Amen.
  6. the interview was fun,love his sense of humor,love a man who can make me laugh
  7. Enjoying everything you do,I agree stick with what you believe in and what makes YOU happy,
  8. I watched the video gerard looked so handsome,sexy,and as he said Confidenced,wow.
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