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  1. 300, Queen Giorgio to the elder councilman Perhaps you should have done the same. (man to man, others present)
  2. 300, King Leo to the 300 at the pass? Then we'll fight in the shade! (man to man, other men present)
  3. POTO, Raoul to Christine in Christine's dressing room during Little Lotte. Make your choice! (man to woman, other man present) Self-editing is hard work for sure. I'm still not done with the first edit, but at least I've deleted 3k words so far.
  4. TUT, Abbey to her date at the beginning of the movie Oh, I was just doing the dishes. (woman to man, other man hidden nearby)
  5. TUT, Mike to Abbey in her office about talking to Colin on the phone. Well, remember to thank your pussy for me. (man to woman) Happy Easter!
  6. POTO, the phantom alone on the roof to Christine and Raoul, who have already left. The world wants you! (two men to woman, others present)
  7. as I said, Firmin to Andre in Notes. POTO, Christine to Raoul on the roof during AIAOY. I'm really leaving! (woman to everyone but no one in particular, others present)
  8. POTO, Firmin to Andre in Notes Poor thing hasn't got a chance! (man to man, other man present)
  9. 300, Dilios narrating about the 300. I have others to replace him. (man to man, other men present)
  10. 300, King Leo to the Persians about their weapons. Well, you had to say it! (man to man, other men present) I started with chapter 6 today. This will be a tricky one.
  11. 300, King Leo to the Arcadian soldier. I replaced it with hate. (man to man) Need to do some more research on some things in my book...
  12. TR2, Lara to Hilary when he offers the MI6 men tea. Reiss is not talking about Pandora's box but about the disease that one guy on the plane just died from. Hello boys, you're all wet. (woman to two men) No, we change them at the end of March. I'm editing chapter four. I can't really blame people for paying an editor to do it for them. It's tiring work and hard on the eyes.
  13. TR2, Lara to Terry on the motorbikes in China. Highly contagious. (man to group of people)
  14. D2000, Dracula to Mary either church or roof... Dignity, doctor. (man to man)
  15. TR2, Terry to Lara. either in Shanghai or on the boat... I know there was a staircase we could have used. (man to woman)
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