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  1. is living the actor's dream of freeing one's spirit out into the world!

  2. Thank you Sally for your kind words! *hugs* I'm actually seriously considering going to Vegas this year. I figure it's been two years and bout darn time that I see all those beautiful GALS again. I'm trying to find if my military salary will pay for it lol. It was great seeing everyone in chat, have a great day!

  3. Guess who's baaaaaack? lol hiya binks!

  4. Heyyyyy! You make me sound like a disease lol.

    *POKE* NOW you have Diiitiis. *evil laugh*

  5. Foxxy, I'm at work right now, but will you be available later tonight?

  6. Foxxy, I'm so sorry about last night. I was at my house which had no internet connection, and I had forgotten I had told my mom that I'd take her to the movies. *puppy face*

    I know it's the week now, but just let me know when you want to chat. luv ya *hugs*

  7. me too. . .me too :(

  8. Lol, please tell me you're coming to Vegas! I think it's time the partners in crime meet in person. hehe. . .not to mention it'd kick arse to room together with Binkie. We need to catch up in chat sometime ;) .


    (btw miss you a ton too lol)

  9. WAIT!!! WHAT?!!!!

    You called me? When?? Did you leave a message? Go to New Mexico?? Be an extra in Gerry's movie??? LET'S GO!

    *hugs* Btw, I never answer my phone lol.


  10. Hi, welcome to GALS! Make yourself at home, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. *hugs*


  11. I'm still crying, that is such a wonderful movie! During the whole film, I kept thinking his immortal beloved was his music . .but no. I LOVED this portrayal of Ludvig, Gary Oldman did terrifically.

  12. maybe tomorrow, i get into the hotel at 7am. so maybe! luv ya libby!



  13. just wanted to say thank you swannie for being there for me last weekend.

    *hugs* see you in vegas in three weeks.

    Luv ya


  14. They are very touched by y'alls thoughtfulness and the gift itself. Although my mom is puzzled by the lettering. My dad thought it spelled out Jesus. I sure have no clue lol. I'm busy too, *sigh* I love work! *hugs* Luv ya too


  15. *squee* my parents got your gift

  16. I know this is late. . .but welcome to GALS madamina! Hope you're having loads of fun! *hugs*


  17. Only a month and a half LEFT!! I can't believe we're finally going to meet *hugs* hope you are doing beyond well

  18. I love you Perr, the past month hasn't been the same without you gals. And I miss y'all so very much. Hope you are doing very well and are happy :)


  19. Am thinking of you beautiful, I pray your back is doing much better now. *hugs* luv ya


  20. I had a LOAD of fun!! *sigh* wish i were still there. So how are YOU?!

  21. sex weeks more till Vegas!! Hope you and the guys are doing wonderful up in Oklahoma. Am thinking of y'all *hugs*


  22. Naois


  23. OMG I GOT 300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. UMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  25. HuH? lol you lost me. . .yet again :p

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