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  1. Gerry - my inspiration,my hero, my friend...........

  2. I liked that last sentence completed. Take a rest, Gerry. You deserve it. Take care and good luck with your new film.
  3. Thanks Stuart...I like those quick answers...:-) how about The Daily Show interview???? I would love to see it, but in UK???? U know! Please! Please! Cheers!
  4. Hi Milacik! In response to your comment on my profile, I'll send you a PM about CM :D

  5. Hello ,,becosy'',sorry to trouble you...but I am so excited about this CHM new movie, I can't wait till it will come to UK.

    Any chance you know when and where will be Premiere of Chasing Maverick held in UK?

    or in Scotland?

    Can't wait! I envy you....

    Would you let me know if you will know, please?

    Tahnk you very much.


  6. Hello guys, I want to share with you my point of view. I was there, on Old Trafford and saw it all in flesh. Gerry was nice and funny as usually before the game, but also he was not bad on the field as well. There was one bad guy all the time on him, tackled him all the time. Paddy, I thing, he was horrible. But Gerry's done well. I was proud of him. Well done. It was great fun on Old Trafford.... and I touched the ball too.!!!!!
  7. No worries my friend Robin We were all helping each to get those links to work I'm just sooooooo glad that it all worked out in the end and we could watch the game Lots and Lots of Hugs my Friend Tammy sue grint - gbutts greatest london fan - before i begin about the match. for the person who thought gerry was playing for england, wash your mouth out, he would never do that. he was playing for the rest of the world team, along with his fellow scot, james mcavoy, and gbutt played all the first half and half of the second half. it was a brilliant 4 hours of interviews with the play
  8. Well, in America, actually in Europe as well, they have pills for everything. It is a shame. You taking a pills against pain, smoking, sadness,stress and suddenly you don't need to eat...your pills are your meal. And you need them more and more. The doctors don't solve a problem you have got, but just hide a symptoms with the pills. Let us hope Gerry will find better GP.The one who will able to cure him, not to stuff him up with bloody pills. Poor lad. Hope he'll be better soon. All the best Gerry. Love you Milena
  9. Hope , believe!, Gerry is all right to please us with his another live performances.....alive...... he should take care of himself...there is a lot of people who love him.......do remember, Gerard!
  10. Hello....It'll be 4 or 5 years before I make it, but I'm planning a trip to England, Scotland and Ireland and will be in your area during part of the trip. We'll have to meet up...:)

    Do you have a facebook page?

  11. Oh,I wish I was in Glasgow!...or Toronto now! Milena
  12. Gerry is no.1, there is no other man to be so lovely. Be yourself, Gerry. I love you the way you are. Milena
  13. A nice turn of phrase, Lisa! The extent to which a true Gerry fan would go ... The depths of thought and language that a true Gerry fan would explore ... I totally agree, Gerry meant it as a joke, but we know that she really is a lucky girl!... Chris Yes, we all know Gerry is joking and being funny and thinking how lucky he is to be where he is, just like whenhe said he is Mister L'Oreal. He was just beaming. You know as an insecure boy he must be thinking that he never dreamed he would be Mister L'Oreal back then and how far he has come. I wonder if he realizes how much he is really love
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