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  1. It was not easy to make this graphic. Did you know that Photobucket has changed from photoflexor to Pixlr or something like that. The new photo editor does not have a blend pictures feature. Bummer. I spent a lot of time looking for it. Just when I had the hang of it--they changed their photo editor without a word or a warning. It is ok but I could do more with the old one. So I gave the old LUNAPIC a try again. My earlier use of it gave graphics that were not good quality but this time the graphics were good.

    SERIOUSLY! I was working on a project and I logged on one day and it was fine, then the next day it was completely different. It looks like you can do a lot more with it now, if you know what you're doing, but I absolutely don't! It's going to take me forever to figure out.

    Anyway, just popping in to say hi :wave: Looks like things have been chugging along in my absence! As always!

    I have a few ideas for some siggies with my Scotland pics, but the plan is to wait 'til I have a few to offer up. :) Keep your eyes open!


  2. Steph I feel your pain :lmao: It's ironic you keep missing him. When are you back in UK as he may stay for a few weeks. I'm sure with it being on tv someone might live stream it so worldwide audiences can see it or upload to You Tube. If I don't go I know I can at least see it live on tv - probably best seat of all.


    I'll be back on the 31st, so maybe he'll still be around. Not that that'd do me much good... I'm sure I have a 1 in a million chance of bumping into him. And if I did, what would I say? LOL. But at least I could breathe the Butler air! :)


  3. Well, the interviewer stated that it's a 75 page script with ALMOST no dialogue. The idea was a sort of "silent" movie, but I expect they've added in a bit. Action movies are light on the dialogue in general, but an action movie wouldn't work as a pure "silent" movie. I'm sure that the producers realize this. We've seen stoic or completely silent characters in other action movies and never blinked an eye (anyone remember Sphinx from Gone in 60 Seconds?).

    I think this sounds like an awesome project. Gerry needs to do more action movies. He's gotten bogged down in two types of movies lately that haven't brought him much success: 1) light-hearted romantic comedies that not even Gerry takes seriously, and 2) heavy dramas seeking critical acclaim that they don't get. I crave a return to good ol' action Gerry, and the round of films he's signed on to and/or considering seems to show that's where he's leaning as well.


  4. Kathy, I'm so glad Hamish made it safely!!

    So, I made a silly little siggy just now (my first in FOREVER). It's pretty fitting considering your highland cow just arrived!

    Posted Image

    And before anyone tries to correct me, I know Gerry isn't a Highlander. LOL. But he did say "I'm a Highlander!" on an episode of Leno after mentioning that his Mum now lives in the Highlands. :kisswink:

    I played around with some of my favorite Scotland pics the other day, so I may do some more siggies with my pics in the next few days. I think I'm going to do some reading now though, so probably not tonight.



  5. April- things are going well in Scotland! I'd love to do a RC or GB movie date sometime soon, but it may be hard to schedule with us 6 hours apart! A Good Year is a great film. Have you seen it yet?

    Kathy- GAH! I hope Hamish comes soon! The poor Coo is probably lonely!!


  6. Diane, that siggy you're wearing is adorable! The Naughty Kilt story! Posted Image

    Hi Frannie! :wave: It's been awhile! I hope the doc comes up with some good stuff to help you out. You've been dealing with this for far too long! And I miss your siggies too! They're always so gorgeous!

    Thanks Kathy, I promise to do some siggies as soon as I get these things turned in. Maybe I can even use some of my own snapshots of Scotland as backgrounds? :)


    p.s.- Just changed my siggy to an old one... with the lyrics of Wonderwall, in honor of Gerry's recent performance! :kisswink:

  7. Thanks everyone for the compliments on my pics. You're right Kathy, this is the time of my life! I'm so lucky I've gotten to do this!

    Glad your bday was good April! I want to see Titanic 3D as well... I'd better get myself to the theatre! I often say I want to see things then end up missing them. But the only 3D movie I've ever seen was HTTYD, and I'd like to see another! And call me a geek, but I do love Titanic. :blush:

    Good on you for helping out with domestic abuse Sue. It's a serious problem. :( And happy birthday! Hope it was great!

    Kathy, it's so gorgeous where you live! I'm referring to the pic of Colorado, but Florida must be gorgeous as well! :kisswink:

    I'm going to have to do some more siggies at some point... it's been far too long! I don't think I've even made any since Gerry grew out his hair, and that was what... a year ago?! After I get done with my assignments for this term I'll have to get to work!


  8. Hi GALS!

    Just wanted to give you a quick updated on what I'm up to here in Scotland. I had a fried visit, and it was so much fun! She was game for anything! We toured Edinburgh and Edinburgh Castle, all around Glasgow, and even took a day trip up to walk and hike around Loch Lomond! The weather was gorgeous here... 60F and sunny everyday! Summer weather for here!

    We also did a TWO DAY bus tour of THE HIGHLANDS! It was so great. We went up the east of Scotland and stayed overnight in Drumnadrochit on the banks of Loch Ness. When they dropped us off at our accommodation the woman who ran our hostel told us all about the town... where to eat, where to drink, and how to sneak into Urquhart Castle afterhours! She gave us directions and said "and then you hop the fence. It says private, but don't you believe it! This is Scotland, it's you're right, and we have NO trespassing laws!" You'd better believe I did it! The next day we got a private boat tour (just our bus tour group) of Loch Ness and then went down the west of Scotland, stopping for views of Ben Nevis (the highest peak in Britain) and Glen Coe.

    The trip was AWESOME, and I have so much more to tell than space or time here. I highly recommend you check out my photo albums, where I discuss the sights and the trip a lot more!

    Edinburgh Castle --> Click here

    Glasgow --> Click here

    Loch Lomond --> Click here

    Highlands Tour, Day 1 --> Click here

    Urquhart Castle --> Click here

    Highlands Tour, Day 2 --> Click here

    Oh, and then just after my friend left, a friend who is studying here had to go back to the States, so we did lots of last minute touristy stuff before she left. We did the City Sightseeing bus tours in Edinburgh and Glasgow!

    City Sightseeing Edinburgh --> Click here

    City Sightseeing Glasgow --> Click here

    These links are to my Facebook photo album, but you're not supposed to need to be a FB member to see them. If anyone has trouble, PM me!

    :hugs: to all!! Hope everyone is doing well!


  9. Kathy- I would really love to! It's a matter of the expense of getting there at this point. Rental car prices have about tripled in the past few months. Posted Image And then there's accommodations to consider. But I'm going to see what I can do!

    I looked back into my Scottish ancestry after this tour and noted a few castles where my ancestors were born that I need to visit. Kildrummy Castle outside Aberdeen shouldn't be too much trouble, but Turnberry Castle in Ayr was almost completely destroyed, and the few ruins now lie on the coast that is surrounded by a private golf course. I read a blog of a fellow who parked his car and walked along the beach to see the ruins, so I'm going to give that a try. Posted Image I'm hoping the price of cars will go down in the next few months!

    Cheryl- School is fabulous, thanks for asking. I'm really learning a ton, and love the other students in my program. And we have so much time to write! Speaking of, I'm going to get to that now. Posted Image



  10. Hi GALS!

    Just a quick pop in to let you all know I'm still alive and kickin'. I haven't been checking in to GALS all that often anymore. Honestly, I've found myself thinking about Gerry a lot less than I used to. I suppose we all have that ebb and flow in our fandoms though, right? My heart is still with him, but lots of times my mind is elsewhere!

    I took a nice bus tour around Scotland this past weekend. I actually ended up just a few miles outside of the town where Gerry's Mum lives! Too bad I couldn't just pop over for tea! :kisswink: If anyone is interested, I put all my pics here- Glenturret Distillery Tour.

    I was in Edinburgh, but only for enough time to catch the tour bus. I haven't forgotten about the Highland Cows that I promised to Cheryl, Kathy, and Sue. I'll pop back over soon with enough time for browsing. If anyone else is interested, send me a PM!

    :hugs: to everyone here.


  11. Hi!! :wave:

    Just wanted to pop on and say that. Hi!

    Thanks for the birthday greetings, Cheryl and Veronica! Sorry I didn't pop on on the day... been keeping busy! Writingwritingwriting... trying to make sure I finish at least one novel this year! Posted Image

    I browsed over what I missed... Siggies and Rabbie Burns and Kilts, oh my! :DPosted Image You guys always have such fun in here! Anyway, just a quick pop in, pop out. Posted Image

    Later, Gals!


  12. Hi peeps!

    Apparently I did another mini disappearing act. I guess I got busy after Christmas trying to squeeze in as much family/friend time as I could before heading back to Scotland. I'm back now! Posted Image

    So... I had a date on Friday! First one in a very long time. I made a pact with a friend here to join a dating site to meet some Scottish guys. Of course she abruptly abandoned me in the deal and got back together with her ex-boyfriend, but I'm sticking with it. It was a pretty fun night, but I'm not sure he really gives me that "feeling." He's super nice though. I admitted my infatuation with Gerry, and the first thing he said was "He's a Celtic fan!" Too cute.

    The writing program has started up again, and I'm throwing myself into it with renewed vigor. I want to make some SERIOUS progress on my novels, and hopefully have one or both finished by the time I graduate.

    I'm also planning to travel a lot this semester. I'm going to over to Dublin for my birthday (super cheap flights!), and am planning a trip to London for sometime this month too. My friend and I here made a list of places we want to see while we're in Europe and we've decided to be travel buddies. Paris, Rome, Athens, and Amsterdam are all on the list! :)

    Well I won't keep on blabbing about me. It's great to see everyone on here again! Life certainly goes on even when I disappear. Welcome to the new Kathy(GG)! And I'm not sure if I officially welcomed you before, Abby. Your siggies are terrific, already!

    Cheers all!


  13. Kathy! I love your village! My Mom and I have a village under our tree, and we laugh every time we put it up. We bought things we thought were cute or pretty, regardless of sizing or whether they match. We have ceramic people who are half the size of the houses in the village! We always joke about how they can't get in the houses. Also we have four houses and two churches. Apparently our village is super-religious. :) My grandma had an awesome village but she doesn't put it out anymore. She even had a pond with skaters who actually moved! My Mom and I have kept it a bit simpler.

    Frannie, that's wonderful news! I hope you can manage to have a pleasant Christmas despite all this stress. You certainly deserve it. And of course everyone will understand about the gift card presents. I'm sure they'll be impressed you managed to even get out and get those!

    I'm so jealous of you guys who have snow. We're having unseasonable weather here in NC. It was up to the 70s today. I'd normally find that pleasant but in December I do like it to be cold.

    I've been enjoying my time here though. I went to stay with my friend Erin for two days. She lives about an hour away from me. It was very fun. We always have a great time and I love her husband. They also got a new puppy, so that was fabulous! I got to babysit the puppy while Erin and her hubby went to work and it was so nice. I took her for a walk and within a block four people had come up and petted and gushed over her. After a year of having to tell people that they couldn't pet Milo because he wasn't friendly, it was very therapeutic. I also met up with another high school friend last night for a hockey game. She's doing great! Lost a ton of weight, looks wonderful, and is dating a guy seriously for the first time. It's nice to see my friends are happy and doing well.

    Happy Yule everyone! I guess my post is 9 minutes late on the east coast, but my heart is in the right place. Even those of us who celebrate Christmas have to recognize that a lot of our traditions are a result of the pagan holiday of Yule. Although Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birth, the holiday was celebrated on December 25th, near the pagan holiday of Yule so that early Christians would avoid notice and persecution for their beliefs. And the Christmas tree... actually the Yule tree! :) So... Happy Yule!

    Well, that's all I have for tonight. Later piggies!


  14. Cheryl, maybe I'll just get some land out in the Highlands and stay there forever with my real Hamish! :)

    Frannie, that is great news! I'm still sorry you've had to endure this on top of everything else. You'll continue to be in my thoughts!

    Hahaha, Sue, I can just see it! G: "What about this one?" Me: "His horns are too long..." G: "And that one?" Me: "I dunno... too... fluffy." G: "I thought you liked fluffy?" Me: "He just doesn't speak to me." G: "He's a cow. Damnit woman, whadaya want?!"

    So glad that Gerry's alright after his surfing incident. I've read all the articles on it and it sounds like this set of waves came out of NOWHERE. I don't blame Gerry for wanting to be out for the close-up paddling shots on what was, by all indications, a calm day.


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