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  1. That never worked for me. First nothing happened & then I just kept getting error messages. Use the link that Moira posted above then... it works! Steph Hi Steph, I had already seen it. In fact, I sent it to Moira. LOL I was just commenting in case others had problems. Oh, sorry Bren. I must've been in "fix it" mode! Steph
  2. I'm a very auditory person, so I'm big on accents. And Gerry's not the only one I pick on. I'm always pointing out when people's accents are fake. Steph
  3. That never worked for me. First nothing happened & then I just kept getting error messages. Use the link that Moira posted above then... it works! Steph
  4. sue - greatest london fan do we know if he is coming to london for a premiere for coronolanus or machine gun preacher at all, and also when you say machine gun preacher will show more 30 september, does that include uk, or will we have to wait until next year. its been ages since he came over here for a premiere, march 2010, and his last film was how to train your dragon, also 2010. we want more of gbutt please It's been ages since he's had a premiere period! As you said, the last was HTTYD in March 2010. It's not just London that's missing Gerry! Steph
  5. Wow. The trailer looks really amazing. This looks like a very high class movie. I wish I could forget production woes before I see it. I feel like that, and my personal views regarding Sam Childers will color the film. Hopefully I can just distance myself. What does everyone think of the accent that Gerry uses for the film? I was surprised, but not in a good way. It doesn't seem natural to me, and it seems to kind of fade in and out. Poor Gerry... accents are not his forté. Still, I can't WAIT to see this movie!!! Go Gerry! It looks beautiful! Steph
  6. Hi April! Do you like the soundtrack? I look forward to hearing it! Steph
  7. This sounds like just my kind of movie... can't wait to see Gerry in the role. Steph
  8. I'm going to be in Glasgow in less than a month!!!! Gerry better be popping in and out of the city frequently while I'm living there! Steph
  9. I think we all go through this sometimes, Delene. You're right that we do like to see him in a certain light, because of what we get out of the fandom. If it's fantasy and escape that we crave, then behaviors that push him away from our fantasy man are going to interfere with that and upset us. Gerry's absolutely not perfect, and even those of us who think we have a realistic view of him are probably still off. He makes mistakes, and he can be a jerk, and you may not be wrong in your concern that he's been changed as a result of his success (although I choose not to believe it). We all just
  10. *Shrug* I see selfishness here. I see a lot of people who want him to be a certain way and are disappointed that he's not. Steph
  11. It's been said, but I think it bears repeating. A picture of him with one cigarette is not evidence that he's "smoking again." There are PLENTY of former smokers who can have one every now and then and just let it be that. I think we all have to take a second and think about what is at the root of our feelings over these cigarette pictures. Are we upset because we think this is the wrong life choice for Gerry (...but how do we really know? None of us are in his life...), or because of selfish personal reasons (ie: we have Gerry on a pedestal and don't want to think that we support a smoker,
  12. Well, this wasn't my favorite thing to see, but after 2 seconds of disappointment I shrugged and then laughed. It made me think of his comment on Ferguson after 300. I supposed he was just walking down the scenic beach and thought to himself "I'd like a fag!" I don't think that just because he was shown having one cigarette we should automatically jump to the conclusion that "he's started smoking again." I also agree with Lisa that we don't know what's going on in his life and so we really can't judge. I know smoking is a horrible habit. Both of my parents smoked my entire life, quitting onl
  13. I love hearing about new Gerry movies in the pipeline!! Steph
  14. Thanks Delene. I'm a strong advocate of training and behavioral treatments and have worked with him constantly on any issues that have shown themselves since I've had Milo. The two problems that have been the most resistant have been the stranger aggression and the separation anxiety. I've achieved improvement on both of these issues, but have hit a plateau with training. I took Milo to the vet this morning and spoke with him at length about all of Milo's troubles. He asked me a bunch of questions to ensure that I wasn't subconsciously doing anything to perpetuate his anxiety, and after dete
  15. Originally I would've agreed with you Delene, but now I'm on the other side and even think that "drugging" is an offensive term. Animals have issues with brain chemistry, just like people do. I had to take anti-depressants to deal with the problems that my out-of-whack brain chemistry was causing, so why shouldn't I let my dog give it a try if he's having similar issues? And as you say, I have addressed the problem "organically." I paid out the arse for an animal behaviorist to come evaluate him, I've implemented all of the treatments that she recommended, and I've become an avid "Dog Whisper
  16. Has anyone ever tried anti-depressants for their dog? Though he's improved a lot, my Milo still has problems with separation anxiety, and I think that it's anxiety that causes his stranger aggression. I was browsing information on pet meds and I read a lot of stuff about anti-depressants for dogs and that it really helps animals with separation anxiety or aggression problems. Some of the testimonials described pets with problems a lot like my puppy, which for the most part disappeared upon taking the medication. Does anyone have any personal experience they'd like to share? I've done a lot o
  17. Thanks for the caution Elissa! I had already put it on my wish list and was thinking of pre-ordering. I can't believe they would list him and put him on the cover and not have Please on the disc!! It's not even a special feature? BAH! These idiots... don't they know they could get a million more copies sold if Gerry was in it? Then again, they're probably figuring that just his name and picture does that, without having to bother with putting his short in it. BAH!!! Steph
  18. Oh wow, I totally skimmed over the part that said German company picked it up and I thought "Huh, I've never heard of splendid..." LOL. FilmDistrict and Lionsgate I HAVE heard of. I'm so excited for this one! Steph
  19. Yay April! I'm glad they're getting new directors. Erase all that irrational prejudice they had against you! I have a good feeling about this one. Steph
  20. This is too funny. Anyone who's been to both of those states know that the scenery looks nothing alike. LOL. When I first came down to New Orleans they were filming a movie on Tulane's campus (it was May), and it was supposed to be Penn State at Mardi Gras. All of these extras were running around in jeans and hoodies when it was 90 degrees out! And anyone who knows anything knows that Penn State in March looks nothing like Tulane in May. ROFL. Steph
  21. Dearest Frannie, I was devastated to hear about this. It's never easy to lose someone you love, but I think it can be even harder to bear when it happens so unexpectedly. Even without knowing him personally, I KNOW that Tommy was an amazing person--he was raised by you. I'm sure that wherever he is now his only sadness is to see you and the rest of your family hurting. But rest assured that he's in a wonderful place, and you will see him again. My thoughts will be with you during this difficult time. Please let me know if there's anything that I can do. Love, Stephanie
  22. I love hearing about our man giving to charities that he believes in. He'll save the world if he can. Steph
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