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  1. I think we can assume that the cupcakes were Gerry's idea. Steph
  2. Exactly, Buff! I've never liked jewelry on men, but for some reason on Gerry it just makes him look that much more manly and sexy!! Steph
  3. So the paps found him in Shreve... cool! Steph
  4. I love that! How cute would it be, the two of you finding your way around the city together? "Let's try... this street!" Steph
  5. Gerry was the only good thing about that movie! The book was amazing, but the movie just butchered the story. And Frances O'Connor (who played Kate) is just atrocious. Still, overall the film has a charm about it thanks to Gerry!! Marek is one of my favorite characters. I love his strength, chivalry, gallantry, and passion for Archaeology. Last year I wrote a novel whose main character was based on Marek. Steph
  6. I'm with you all the way Leslie. You just laid out all my thoughts on the film perfectly! It's a sad story, but it struck me as very real, very genuine. There was no "good guy," no "bad guy," just people, trying their best and making mistakes. That truly is life. I also strongly identified with Sarah. Always searching for adventure and meaning, something to make life worthwhile... when sometimes, what makes life worthwhile is one special person. I hope that I can realize it when I meet that person. Steph
  7. Good description of the complexities Holly! I actually have a great sense of direction apparently and have never gotten lost in NOLA. A lot of my friends like to bring me places to navigate because we'll hit traffic and I'll just be able to say "well, if we turn right somewhere here and then right again we'll hit so-and-so-street and we can take that." I also got the hang of lakeside/riverside uptown/downtown very quickly. I think you'd do great here too, Lisa. You'll just have to come visit so we can see. I'd like to take my doggy for a walk through the French Quarter tomorrow, in case Ge
  8. Why do I have visions of you hanging onto his leg as he tries to shake you off? Ren Hahahahaha, thanks for the laugh Ren. He couldn't shake me off for the life of him. I'm strong. You should see me ride a mechanical bull. Steph
  9. I'm with you Lisa... I enjoy the variety, but my favorite pics are always with at least some scruff! Steph
  10. I agree with you Min. I really like One More Kiss, and Sarah, but I know a lot of people were really rubbed the wrong way by it. Still, I love it! Steph
  11. I read that one Delene, and I couldn't stop laughing! It's even funnier if you know the area. Sure, Dracula 2000 was filmed in New Orleans, but that was about 12 years ago. I'm sure the city has changed, and he probably has a hard time dredging it up from his memory as he's been so many other places in between! I sure wish it could have been me that he'd stopped and asked. I give directions to tourists around here all the time. I would've happily escorted him anywhere he needed to go!! Steph
  12. He was there this weekend. There were some twitter reports of seeing him out and about in the Quarter, and a picture he took with a woman on Bourbon Street. Talk about frustration... he was walking distance from where I live! Steph
  13. We get it Barb. It's just that they are based in Shreveport & NOLA was more of a weekend getaway. No worries. Ren ...not to mention that Shreveport is in Northern Louisiana, nearly 6 hours away from NOLA. Not exactly "environs." Steph
  14. That's so great! What an amazing experience for them! I'm happy to see they're girls teams that he's posing with. Encourage girls to play sports! So not fair though... I played soccer and I never had a movie star come pose with my soccer team when I was growing up! Steph
  15. How about "The Big Easy"? I know I'm crazy, but that was one of the reasons I decided to come to New Orleans. Steph
  16. It's so funny that this was announced today, because I've been obsessing over a movie I couldn't find in my collection that I suddenly wanted to watch... that movie being "Inner Space" starring Dennis Quaid! I'm watching it now. It's an 80s movie, so DQ is young and hot! In the first ten minutes you get a full naked view from behind (just like LAC). Steph
  17. It says he's playing one of the coaches on the opposing teams, so perhaps? Maybe he's someone who doesn't like Gerry's character at first but comes to be pals in the end. I could see that. Steph
  18. Thanks Cheryl... filefactory must make the links expire at some point. *Sigh* I'll see what I can do. Until then if anybody wants the files PM me and I'll be happy to e-mail them to you! gblover- I just make them by pulling audio clips off of video clips! Steph
  19. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG... Dennis Quaid! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG... This is so exciting!! Can you tell I like Dennis Quaid? I think this takes this film to the next level!! And it's going to make it that much more awesome when I visit the set! DENNIS QUAID! Steph
  20. What isn't working? Are you having trouble downloading them or what? If it's a download issue I can e-mail them to you. PM me and let me know what the problem is. Steph
  21. I must have missed this guy! When Gerry's on the screen, I'm afraid I only have eyes for him! Oh and maybe that big elephant, but other than that! Delene Oh, he's my #2 favorite Spartan! He's the one who cuts off the emissary's arm, and springboards off Leonidas's back to spear the guy right before the big death scene. His legs are AMAZING in that movie!! Steph
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