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  1. Good for Gerry!! And good to see Idris Elba (Mumbles) at #7!! Oh, and Michael Fassbender (Stelios from 300) at 10! Steph
  2. I'm with you Delene, I was a little put off by that tone. Also, they seem to imply that because he has women voting for him, the reason they're voting for him has to be his looks or sex appeal... as if our opinions shouldn't be taken seriously. Anyone see any evidence of patriarchy here? Women's opinion's aren't valid... it has to be verified by a number of male voters in order for the results to be legitimate. Steph
  3. I don't know if I actually read this in the article, but I got the feeling that it was a poll IN Scotland. Am I crazy? It probably was some very esoteric poll on some random website. But yay for Gerry winning without his "pack" backing him! Steph
  4. Haha, it was the title of this thread that drew me to it. I thought "what could that mean?!" The article was funny... that pitcher even resembles Gerry a tad. Steph
  5. I love it! I'm not surprised that Sean Connery was bumped from the top 3. He's getting on and moving out of the public consciousness. What was the last movie that he did anyway?? Way to go Gerry. Although, I dispute whether it was really majority women who voted him to the top. Sure, he has a huge female fan base (who are very vocal), but I think people discount his huge male fanbase as well (who may be less vocal). My best male friend was actually how I got into Gerry, who he proudly referred to as his "man crush." Go Gerry!!! Steph
  6. Well, I figured that the scenes were filmed that way for censoring purposes... those scenes weren't even in the trailers. I guess we won't know until we see! I don't know Starz either... is it a premium channel, or a standard cable channel? Steph
  7. Ooh, I'd love to see it on Starz. I want to see them use the censored scenes that we see on the outtakes... When Katherine calls him a playboy instead of a manwhore, "No, that would be my untouched lady garden," etc. etc. Steph
  8. Yay!!!! HTTYD was so cute. I'm still bitter that it lost out on the Oscar to Toy Story 3... a friggin' sequel! I'm glad to hear Gerry will be involved in the second one. I wonder where they're going to take the story. Afterall, at the end the dragons and the vikings were all living happily ever after. Maybe there's another big monster dragon to take down? Steph
  9. My favorite thing is that on my computer the subject line of the thread says "Gerard Butler attends Montblanc Cocktail Party at Soho Ho..." Teehee. Steph
  10. Lisa's at work and can't get on GALS, but asked me to let you all know that it was the two LA sightings that she got off Twitter, not the he's in London thing. Steph
  11. Well, Christopher Lambert was certainly not 20 in that role!! Plus, I think aging the character up would be an easy thing to do... it didn't seem to be set in stone based on the story. Christopher Lambert was awesome (so hot!) in that role, although I found his accent comical. He was supposed to be a Scotsman?! Teehee. I also found it so hilarious that the REAL Scotsman was playing an Italian. I dunno... I just think Gerry would play the pained, desperate lead character better than the calmer, more centered mentor character. Gerry just does desperation so well. Oh well... it's all conjec
  12. Oooh, I love Highlander, but I think it'd be a great candidate for a remake. The original was kind of a cult classic and not so well-known outside of certain circles. In point of fact, I think Gerry would be an amazing choice for the lead! Steph
  13. It's all been said. I'll just add this... Steph
  14. I love how Gerry always considers projects in terms of what speaks to him. He doesn't seem like he rules anything out, and likes variety. I definitely think he wouldn't be turned away from a musical because it's a musical. His fans have made it clear that we LOOOOOVE his voice, and it has been showcased in casual appearances a lot in the past year (SNL, Jimmy Fallon, Leno). He knows we're into it... he throws us a bone occasionally. Steph
  15. No matter how much Gerry makes, he's proven himself to be very caring and generous with his funds, supporting so many charities and good causes. Rather than judging him by how much he pulls in, we should judge by how much he contributes to the world, and that's a lot! Steph
  16. Well, I had a professional animal behaviorist come visit yesterday. It was really great. She explained that Milo's behavior is protective in some situations and territorial in others. When she came to the door Milo was being aggressive towards her, but she started tossing treats to him while we sat and talked and within five minutes he was nuzzling her hand like he was in love with her. She said that his behavior is common of Australian Shepherds (which she thinks he's a mix of) because of their heredity as sheep and cattle dogs. She said that while a human's natural inclination is to look at
  17. Thanks Kathy. I was in the room at the time, but you're right, it was not about protecting me. Though he's been fine with some men, my Dad is a big man (heavyset) and has a deep booming voice. I think that was adding to Milo's anxiety. I kept him on a leash for the rest of the evening yesterday to ensure he didn't have a chance to go for my Dad again. That was the drill for this morning/afternoon as well. It was stressful making sure to keep ahold of him the whole time, but much less stressful than trying to just keep an eye on him instead. I bought a muzzle today, and that worked quite well
  18. Oooh, I'm not a fan of some of the people we're naming to play opposite Gerry. I don't think it should be someone hugely famous like Julia Roberts. And I agree, she is a little old for him. I'd say Catherine Zeta-Jones is too exotic looking to play a soccer Mom. I think it should be someone with a very girl next door look, albeit an attractive one. I think it would be great for a relatively lesser known actress to get cast. Or at least someone who hasn't been the lead in a lot of movies. Maybe a television actor would be the way to go? Like most of you guys, romantic comedies are not my favo
  19. YES!!!! Gerry will be in my state!! Too bad Shreveport is still 5 and a half hours away from me! Still, I'm sure I'll manage to visit the set at least once. I have Spring Break in March, so that should help. And who knows, maybe he'll come lurking around New Orleans for Mardi Gras, if he'll be in Louisiana anyway? Also going to figure out how I can get an extra role. I think Ashley Judd would be GREAT for it! Since they're filming in the deep south, I'm guessing it'll take place in the south? She'd make a great southern character... and she doesn't have an obnoxious accent either. And she's
  20. Not the best news from Raleigh... Milo bit my Dad on the hand today. My Dad had been ignoring Milo as per my instruction (not reaching for him to pet him or anything), other than feeding him a treat when they first met. Still, you can see the way Milo watches him that he feels threatened by my Dad. Today my Dad was walking back and forth in the kitchen as he was making a sandwich for lunch, and Milo bit him. I feel so guilty, and I'm so miserable. There are no words. I made an appointment for Milo with the animal behaviorist here, though it's not until the 27th. I'm hoping she can bump i
  21. Doesn't he just look angelic when he's sleeping? Love how he pulls his back legs up in front of his front legs. Sorry for the random cuteness. Steph
  22. Really, Steph? Who was that girl some time back who wrote about getting up the courage to go in to a convenience store to get a lottery ticket? Maybe that wasn't you. My bad. Delene Haha, I get what you're saying, but that was anxiety, had nothing to do with assertiveness! Steph
  23. Oh, I definitely don't think that's the case. I'm a naturally assertive individual, around males or females. I think it's just that I tense up because I'm expecting a reaction from Milo. Then, because of my tension, he perceives a threatening situation and attacks what he thinks is the source of the tension. So, it's a circular thing. If I'm having trouble with anything it's not the assertiveness, it's the calmness. (I watched a bunch of Dog Whisperer today). I just need to keep my cool and trust Milo. If I do that, then he'll trust me. Steph
  24. Thanks a bunch!! I think today proved to me that I'm the big problem in what Milo's up to. I just got back from taking him for a walk in the park. We had people walking, jogging, and biking past us from the front and behind, and the only time he so much as barked at anyone was when I pulled on his leash to back him further away from the people. At first, I was telling him verbally to sit and stay while people would pass us. I had a good grip on the leash incase he decided to jump, but no tension in the line. He sat like a perfect puppy and hardly even looked as they walked, jogged, or biked
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