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  1. Yeah, I know that I baby him too much. I can't help it, I love him so much! I'd had so much trouble being happy in the past few years, and just looking at him makes me smile. So yeah, I spoil him with attention and affection. Not to mention, I do keep to myself, so it's usually just he and I. I think that this holiday break will be good. He'll have a few other people in the house to follow around, and hopefully he'll realize that I'm not the end-all-be-all of life. Steph
  2. Oh yes, I googled a lot Kathy. I think I read everything the internet has to offer on the subject. Most of the sites that seemed the most helpful basically said not to mess with it by yourself, or you could make it worse. I think what I really need to work on is keeping myself calm. On our walk this morning a woman came out of her house to get in her car, which was in a driveway in front of us on the sidewalk. I didn't want to let Milo keep walking toward her incase he decided to get barky and jumpy, so I asked him to stop and sit, rather than pulling him back with the leash. He stopped and
  3. Thanks everyone. He ended up in the shelter because he was abandoned. They think his owner (who was a black man) was abusive, and in the end he put Milo in the backyard and moved away without him. He definitely has a problem with black people, and I'm sure it was from that. His bites have usually been warning bites. He just clamps down and then lets go and doesn't do it again as long as they back away. He was a little more aggressive with Brandon yesterday though, and bit him twice before I pulled him back. Still, it didn't break the skin, it was more like scratches. Brandon told me yes
  4. My baby, my boy, the love of my life, my little man Milo has a problem. He's the perfect dog, except for one thing... he bites strangers. Not all strangers, and not all the time. I've introduced him to a number of people who he didn't seem to have a problem with, but it's been a recurring problem, and it's been getting worse. Today I had a friend come over to study for a final. Milo had bit at this guy before, so we were sitting on the porch when he came up, because I was thinking it would be better if Milo saw him coming. So, I held onto Milo's collar as Brandon walked up. Milo was wagging
  5. Ooooh, I really hope that John Powell wins for the music for HTTYD! I bought the soundtrack after watching it the second time, and I love it. I listen to it all the time when I'm working on school work or writing, or anything when I can't get distracted by lyrics! It's right up there with the Gladiator soundtrack for me! And of course, GREAT to see Gerry himself nominated! He really did a great job with the voice acting! He made Stoick who he was! Steph
  6. Close Frannie, but that was Venus Williams. She was on Conan after Gerry in July 2009 when he was on promoting TUT. I remember that because that was the first Gerry appearance that I watched live! Steph
  7. Gerry looks great, and these pics are gorgeous! But I was struck by the skeleton holding the camera in the tenth picture down. Who thinks it's attractive to be that sickly skinny?? Steph
  8. Thanks Heather!! I was browsing flats online last night just to get an idea of what was out there, and I was pretty impressed with the selection of furnished places available. When I get more into looking for housing I may run some addresses by you so that you can tell me if any of them are next to known crack houses or anything like that. Steph
  9. I think we all know you didn't mean any harm Lisa. Steph
  10. It's true Bex, it is!! Thanks very much! Oh, and I owe you an e-mail. Don't think I've forgotten! I just didn't have a lot of time to devote to a response when I read yours, so I wanted to wait until I did. Steph
  11. Hahaha, he should! As well as increasing tourism in the little town of Paisley!! Steph
  12. Thanks everyone! I'm sure I'll be keeping you guys updated as I get the details ironed out. Burma, the program starts September 9, so I should be there for most of September! I'm so excited about being in the Old Country; my ancestors are English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. Steph
  13. Well NO ONE could turn my head like Gerry!! But maybe I could find someone to turn my head a little. I'm very excited... it's going to be an amazing year! I was thinking since none of my family has ever been to the UK before I would try to get them all to come visit me in Scotland for Christmas. I think it'd be wonderful! Steph
  14. Thanks everyone! I'm thrilled! I wish I could celebrate properly, but I'm in the midst of studying for exams. Still, I'm planning to crack a bottle of champagne tonight just cuz!! Delene, I love that you used the phrase "as all get out." I used to hear that all the time growing up and use it occasionally now, and most places that I go no one has heard of it! And thanks for the congrats too, of course! I've found a lot of information on how to get a pet passport so that Milo can come without having to be quarantined. I'm going to get on that right away, because I want my baby puppy to come e
  15. So, I woke up this morning to an e-mail in my inbox informing me of my UNCONDITIONAL OFFER to the University of Glasgow Masters in Creative Writing program!!! You all know how hard I've worked over the past year+ trying to move my writing forward. I'm so ecstatic about this. I think that this program will help me to learn a lot, and probably help me to make my writing more marketable. And beyond that, I'll get to spend a year in Scotland!!! The best thing about this is that the tuition and living expenses in Glasgow are LESS than JUST TUITION is here at Tulane! I'd been getting so anxious wi
  16. And that's what you have to do April. Keep that attitude, and worry about nothing but sending him all the love that he needs to get through this tough time! Steph
  17. That sounds great! I don't know about everyone else, but I'm always up for a change, even if it's back to something from your past. Good luck with the job at Old Navy! I wish I had time for a part-time job. Though once I graduate that might be the only kind of job I'll be able to land, so I may get my chance. Steph
  18. Holly's character was one of the reasons that PSILY hit me as hard as it did. I AM Holly. Waiting for my life to start. I've used that phrase since way before PSILY! You're right... she was waiting for something to make her life feel like it was complete, like it had meaning. Oddly enough, that doesn't come until after her husband--her single source of true happiness--dies! She was finally able to figure out HER purpose. It's a very complex and well done story. I just hope that someday I'll get to that point in my own life! Steph
  19. That is great!! I love it when Gerry pops into my life in unexpected places! Steph
  20. Just recorded mine! I think I sounded like a bubbly moron, and it was obvious I was reading from a script... it's perfect! I ended it by telling him to eat a slice of cake for me. Steph
  21. Oh Gerry... How can I make this birthday message special for you? I could try to express what you mean to me... I suppose I could talk about how through your example I pulled myself out of a dark place and turned my life around to finally follow my dreams. I could tell you how just your smile can keep me going on the hardest days. I could try to explain how you fill an emptiness inside me that I thought would be empty forever. But, I know that'd just embarrass you... Instead, I'll send you a simple Birthday wish. I hope that this day finds you healthy, fulfilled, and above all, happy. Go ou
  22. Gerry's just a brusque, rogue-ish, say-anything Scotsman! It's one of the most charming aspects of his personality. And I was in the room when he said that first line! Oh that man makes my toes curl. Steph
  23. Occasionally I like to see Gerry just let it all go like this. Makes me think he just rolled out of my bed and went to whatever event he's at. Steph
  24. Did you see the pics of Gerry and RC together at the APJ dinner? Together!! Too bad there was some girl between them. And too bad she wasn't us. Steph
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